Friday, November 9, 2012

A Rant (and a Rave)

I was shopping at Friendly Center last weekend and some thoughts occurred to me.  You know how that goes, ‘hmmm I wonder how this got to be the way it is’ type thoughts.  Similar to my question of who designed the bathrooms in an airport I started wondering who in the world designed the interior layout of children’s stores?  The only answer I could come up with was ‘obviously not someone who has or ever had children!’ 
My first qualm I already know the answer to – why put small toys and other objects within reach of children – those in strollers and those walking on their own?  A sales gimmick to get parents to have to give in to the whines, cries and shrieks of their children who want to have one (or numerous) of these gadgets.  Do they not also realize this is why their store is a complete and utter disaster at the end of the day?  And in reality I’m guessing there a fewer parents who actually end up buying those gadgets than those who don’t.  Yes there are always those ‘give in’ moments but truthfully it ends up being more of a cluster type thing in my world – buggy screaming to buy certain gadget, me telling her ‘no you don’t need it’ and to put it back, or ‘no you have one at home’ and to put it back, or ‘no you are too young for that’ and to put it back.  Something of that nature.  Which results in more crying, whining and potential hitting (there is no reasoning when they are 3) causing me to get that red flushed – ‘ohmygoodness my kid is about to cause a really big scene’ face, then grabbing the gadget from her, grabbing her (at this point kicking and screaming) and removing myself from the store as humanely and quietly (is that possible at this point?) as possible.  End result = I probably didn’t buy the things I NEEDED in the store let alone the gadget they have so thoughtfully placed within the Bug’s reach.  So awesome sales ploy?  Eh, probably not the best when truly thought out - but what do I know!?
Now onto my second qualm about children’s stores.  It’s like impossible to maneuver a stroller inside one of these stores.  And who really will be the people coming inside to shop?  Mothers, fathers, people with children AND STROLLERS?  Yea those would be the ones.  And yes sometimes us parents get out of the house without the children, strollers and all the comes with that, but more often than not we have all of that in tow.  So why make it so darn difficult to look at what needs to be looked at while at the same time strolling with your stroller and child(ren)? Clear, WIDE, paths of travel would be sheer genius!!  No running the twisting wheels into the clothing racks, or into the back of the legs of someone who is shopping in front of you simply because you didn’t see them because you were too busy working your way around the clothing racks with the stroller and at the same time trying to contain your child within that stroller.  A simple request I would think.  Yet I can’t name ONE children’s store that is set up to accommodate those that will be shopping  within it.
Ok I think that’s all for my rant today.  On to a few Buggy things.  Although she hasn’t started her dance class yet - she’s due to start the week of November 19 – which also marks the date of moving up into the 3’s class at school.  Oh my, she’s growing up too fast.  She’s really into these cute little tumbling and dance moves that she must have picked up somewhere in her daily living.  She’s super active and is always (ALWAYS) on the move.   

{some impromptu tumbling}

{doing a broad jump - my future Crossfitter}
Since she’s been 3 things have been interesting.  And trying.  But more so trying than anything.  She has more attitude now that I would have though could fit into her tiny self.  She packs a punch of serious 17 year old in that 3 year old body.  EVERYTHING, no exaggeration there, is a fight with her.  Agreeable she is not.  Moody she definitely is!  Heaven help me please let 4 be easier!

{all my kids tuckered out and cuddled up <3}

{possibly has her mama's OCD affliction - once she lined them all up she had to put them all away on her own and where SHE wanted them to go}

{little miss attitude is more like it!}

And finally Halloween.  Buggy went as Rapunzel this year but for the majority of the time she was in costume she did not wear the adorable crown of braided hair.  We were lucky enough to get to trick or treat twice with some wonderful friends.  Miss Kayla and the little Buggy are for sure the MOST adorable Rapunzel’s I have ever seen!  And the night we went with Lilly - Buggy had some attitude so she went as ‘disheveled Rapunzel minus the hair!’  But the two of them sure do make gorgeous princesses.  Thank heavens for beautiful little girls!

{double Rapunzel's!}

{you can tell by the blur - princesses on the move}

{happy halloween}

That is all folks!

Monday, November 5, 2012


Quick post on some really good candy I discovered thanks to good old Sheetz!  This stuff is very good and the whole idea of it is to take out the 'bad' stuff in the candy - the artificial color, flavor, perservatives, partially hydrogenated oils - ICK!  Check out their site for some more details - and how fun that a 13 year old started it all!?  I tried the peanut butter cup one first and I think it tastes better than a Reese's cup! It just tastes good.  And I know just because it's been 'un-junked' doesn't make it healthy per se but I feel slightly better about eating this stuff than some of the others!

Happy Monday - candy makes a Monday better!