Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Rant & a Blog Share

i really am not a fan of people driving in cars who, while driving on a 2-lane road, choose to go straight through a light but choose to do so in the far right lane when first having to stop at a red light. therefore hindering me from turning right on red and making me sit through the endless red light watching no cars pass and seeing countless opportunities for me to turn right passing me by.   *sigh*  talk about frustrating.  makes me wanna scream!  (yes i have mild road rage - i admit - i choose to hash it here on the blog than on the road - smart of me eh?? :O]  )  

ok so now the real point of this post.  i found a new blog that i am totally smitten with and had to share!  it was actually a pinterest find someone had pinned about an 'exercise blog' and because the girl was so cute in her workout clothes in the pin, i clicked (i'm easily swayed to look if something is cute you know!)  But it's so much more than an exercise blog - she posts her daily workouts, what she's eating, where she's traveling to, what she's wearing and always includes some info about her adorable dog.   I LOVE IT! check her out over at Peanut Butter Fingers - i guarantee you will love everything about her adorable blog!! 

i'm still knee deep in poop - if it's not the bug it's the dog. yes - it's a stinky situation over here.  a stinky, stinky situation. can anyone share some ideas on how to get the bug to go #2 on the potty and NOT in her panties???  pretty please?  please.....anyone?!

{buggy 'diving' while watching the Olympics}

Friday, July 27, 2012


Some things coming out of the Bug these days:

-         “Guys, you aren’t listening to me!!” - said with total attitude and to anyone who may not be giving her complete and total attention exactly when she wants it

-         “I want to take off my clothes and be naked” – yep, that’s it.

-         “__________________________, yesterday” – the blank can be filled in with anything, and all end with yesterday.

-         “__________________________, for the Bible tells me so” – this blank can also be filled in with anything.  She bounces back and forth between ending sentences in yesterday or this one.  Example:  Me: ‘Is that good chocolate milk?”  Bug:  “Yes for the Bible tells me so.”  

-          Addison had a tummy ache and Monday we came home for the day to several messes in the kitchen as a result of said tummy ache.  After getting it all cleaned up I overheard Bug with Addison – Bug: “Addie, you don’t feel good? Your tummy hurts? It’s ok I kiss it and make it better” – then she gave her a kiss and a hug and went on with her business.  Now that’s sweet. 

{bugs rendition of 'Jesus Loves Me'}

Potty Update:  It’s going.  I’ll just say that.  Monday was awesome but it’s gone downhill from there.  She’s still in the practice of saying something about #2 AFTER #2 has already occurred.  I must say I’ve already seen, smelled and had to clean out FAR too many dirty #2 panties!  And you know how it is when you have to clean up something gross right?!  You feel like that’s all you can smell for the rest of the day.  It invades your nostrils and won’t let go.  Yes – I’ve got that.  I will most definitely need to re-pack her ‘potty bag’ for school with extra clothes and panties and will be doing laundry on a much more frequent basis now.  But it’s all a part of the process.  And she is well on her way to mastering this process.  That’s all I can ask for.

Ok get ready for a semi-rant here!  Let me just ask – why in the world is it IMPOSSIBLE for the dryer to just simply dry clothes?  Why does it insist upon totally mangling all the clothes and flipping them inside out? Like it doesn’t already completely stink to have to fold and/or hang up clean clothes, let’s make it a little more painful and TURN THEM ALL INSIDE OUT!  Seriously.   alright,  rant complete.

{right on.  i love these ecards!}

Last weekend I was in Ohio for my sister’s bachelorette party.  And so I’ll go on the record and say I am O.L.D.  My fear was not being able to stay up past 9p and missing half of the party.  I did manage to stay up late.  WAY late.  However that coupled with driving back to NC the next day has completely obliterated me!  I’ve felt pretty run down and tired most of the week. Although I know you cannot ‘catch up’ on sleep I feel like that’s really what I need to do.  Like one full day of nothing but sleeping.  Oh a girl can dream.  Anyways the bachelorette party really can be summed up in some pictures.  Started out with a nice day at my aunt’s pool, then had a good dinner at Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland, followed by some hotel shenanigans and then some dancing out in downtown Cleveland.

{dinner at Great Lakes Brewery}

{group shot after dinner}

{the bachelorette - she was a good sport as you can see!}

{mere, me, gina}

On the drive up to Ohio for the party I stopped at a gas station and found these drinks.  They have a huge variety of different flavors, some slightly carbonated and some not at all.  I grabbed 2 (they were on sale) and I really like them.  So much so that I grabbed 2 more on the way home.  They say they are nutritional supplements with things for sleeping, energy, weight loss, and one for vitamin D.  The 4 I tried were really good but I’m sad to say they aren’t out in NC yet.  I’m hoping yet is the key word there.  The one I got that said for energy really gave me some energy.  The best thing is they are low in sugar and, for me, will be a great pop replacement.   I would recommend them if you see them in your travels!

{and they come in cute bottles - BONUS!}

{bug and mama this morning.  our future is so bright.....and wow does my nose look big!}

Happy Friday Peeps!

Monday, July 23, 2012

And the potty training begins.........

Just a quick post to note that today begins the 'official potty training' of the Bug.  'Official' only in that I have spoken with the teachers in her class at school and they are on board with us too to have her wear big girl panties full time (except at first over night - we'll progress to that!)  They have been working with her some and we have been working with her some but now this will be a full time gig - breaking out the big guns - or in this case the big girl panties! 

Today started great - she woke up with a dry pull up and went right to the potty!  Talk about an awesome start to day one!

PT updates to come! :O)

oh, and.

it's Monday.  Blah.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holes In My Ears

Well Buggy informed me she wants holes in her ears.  A few weeks ago she pointed to my ears and says ‘you have rings in your ears?’ basically in question form.  I said ‘yes those are called earrings and they go into little holes in my ears.’ So periodically since that conversation she has mentioned wanting holes in her ears.  I told her that she could get them any time she wanted but that it did hurt at first, but only for a little while, and that once she had them we would have to take extra, super good care of them and clean them every day.  She said ok very matter of fact as if she knew exactly what that would entail. 

So this morning she said again – without any prompting – that she wanted holes in her ears.  I again told her that it would hurt and we’d have to keep them clean EVERY DAY.  She replied ‘I know it will hurt and we clean them good every day.’ So I told her maybe we could do that for her birthday.  She said ‘yes, for my birthday.’  So I think that may be settled. 

Now for my question – has anyone ever taken a 3 year old to get her ears pierced?  There was debate over doing it when she was a baby – and that obviously just didn’t happen.  So I figured, ok we’ll get it done whenever she asks and wants them done.  And now she’s asking.  I guess I didn’t expect her to ask so soon or something.  And I just wonder if she’s really grasping the concept of ‘it WILL hurt?’ Maybe it’s more so the fact that I am too afraid to see her in that pain.  You know, you just want to shelter them from those types of things (and the fact that I was a s.c.a.r.e.d.y.c.a.t about getting my own pierced and didn’t finally take the leap until I was 17!)  I don’t want her to be like me and be so scared of pain.  So I suppose the bigger question would be can my wussyness handle seeing her being such a big girl!?!

In other Buggy news she’s got counting 1-10 D.O.W.N! She’s been working so hard at it and finally it’s become a breeze to her.  Now we’ve started working on 11-20. Still gotta get rid of that darn eleventeen she keeps using!

Over the weekend was her first try with big girl panties.  Not overnight yet – just while we were hanging out at the house after a bath. She’s doing really well at school and rarely having to have her pull up changed but while she’s at home she is a little more difficult.  While she was wearing them she had a little accident but realized what happened.  I took her to the potty right away and she finished on the potty!  Then she wanted big girl panties again. Overnight of course she wore a pull up – she just insisted on wearing the big girl panties ON TOP of her pull up.  Whatever works to get her to like the idea and wear them!! 

I probably mentioned a few posts back that, prior to getting the pool membership; I found a larger-ish kiddie pool for a good price and grabbed it for the back yard.  Well we used it once.  Then got the pool membership and it was pretty much forgotten.  I did empty it out and move it under the deck – just so it wouldn’t blow away with some of the storms.  But it did sit outside and did get hit by the rain.  And because of the stagnant rain in the pool we acquired a few new ‘pets.’  Two little bitty frogs.  Have no fear they have been relocated to the pond – where I think their mama had already been living because when I got to the pond I saw some big ol’ frog legs swimming in there!  I love having pets around that we really don’t have to do anything for! 

And finally a quick pic recap of the weekend!     

{those little frogs i was talking about before the relocation}

{aww this one's kinda cute!}

{pool time with 4 ridiculously cute girlies! sophia.jillian.buggy.joanna}

{another bathing suit modeling shoot}

{side piggies and a cute little bug}

{sweet.innocent.adorable faces = LOVE}

And 2 more videos of my future superstar!  She can't get enough of Cici and Rocky from Shake It Up - we listen to this song millions of times in a week.  I just love how she is mouthing the words!!  Cracks my butt up for real!

{Rocky's part of the song}

{Cici's part of the song}

Happy Tuesday - if that's possible!! :O)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo Plop

Because I've been really.super.bad. about posting pictures lately.  There aren't a ton here but they'll give you a little overview of what's been up in Buggyland.  We are still spending a lot of time at the pool and in the water.  Since my last post Bug has gotten even better with her swimming.  She sometimes forgets to move both her arms and her legs at the same time, but she is fearless!  She's working on lots of things in school too.  She comes home counting, singing and saying her ABC's.  Also now she says she will do things "by her big self" all the time.  I'm always in awe of her forming personality and the things she comes up with. She's a teeny little girl with BIG attitude that is expressed every day. Never a dull moment.  Never a dull moment! 

{could there be a better picture than this? no.  there couldn't.  the cutest, most adorable, mini BFF's ever. there is not a thing you can do to prevent a huge smile at this one.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! having breakfast with friends at Cracker Barrel 2 weekends ago} 

{sweet, sweet faces}

{some Lilly time - we are anxiously awaiting her baby sister Ella's arrival!!}

{Patriotic Buggy cheering on the 5K runners before the parade}

{candy dash at the Kernersville 4th Parade}

{total pool rat & lovin' it}

{the most awesome photobomb picture EVER.  thank you to my awesomely creative, wild and bestest friend JT Goodman}

{4th of july sparklers - in jammies - and before dark - hey what can you do when you're only 2-1/2 and bedtime is before dark!?}

{Bug discovered the vent in her playroom and was enthralled with it last weekend.  I of course took her picture standing on it in her skirt so she had to take my picture too, luckily I was wear loose gaucho pants!}

{showing off her zebra suit from Soph - she loves it!}

{another swimsuit model shoot a few weekends back.  kid just cracks my butt up.}

{there's a ridiculous amount of cuteness going on right here}

{from this morning, i just can't resist her cootness!}

{getting this swimming thing down}

{attempting a dive like the big girls - sad thing is she's got it better than her mama - because i just simply put CANNOT dive!}

Happy Monday - looking for a fast week and a slow weekend!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Rats

Last summer and a few times this summer we were blessed by some wonderful friends who invited us to swim with them at their neighborhood pool.  We became even more blessed when they helped us to get our own membership at the same pool for this summer!  Buggy is certainly very ‘fish like’ in the pool and watching the bigger girls play has given her some added courage to try things she may be apprehensive of on her own.  I am very excited to have access to a pool for her.  She’s not afraid of the water and is learning to swim so quickly!  (and maybe, just maybe being out in the sun I’ll get a bit of color on me before the wedding in August – hey a girl can dream right?!)  So check out my little Buggy doing her thing in the pool!

{swimming by her 'big self' using water wings for the first time}

{although she didn't get the dinosaur in this video she did a few times - look at her dive right under! such a big girl}

Here's to being a pool rat for summers to come!  Thank you Goodman's! :O)