Monday, June 17, 2013

Buggy Love

I have to say I am really enjoying this age with the Bug.  She is really growing into her own personality and never ceases to crack me up!  I'm still not really sure WHERE exactly she came from.  Sometimes the stuff she comes up with just baffles me.  We hit a milestone this past week. She took a shower for the first time that didn't end in meltdown city.  She's tried the shower thing before only to cower in the corner yelling about the water touching her.  But this past week I came in the house from a workout and said 'I'm heading up to shower because I stink' - and oh man did I seriously stink.  Thank you very much 90 degree weather workouts!  The next thing I know she's getting in with me.  And she loved it and wants to take showers now all the time. I call this a win! 

There is also a new 'Buggyism' that makes me smile big. I'm sure you are all familiar with hearing someone say 'gimme a beat' (cue Janet Jackson circa 1986, first lyrics of 'Nasty').  Not sure why or how this came to be but now when she wants to dance - which is ALWAYS of course - she'll say 'gimme a shot.'  Then someone must give her a 'beat' so she can show you her dance. Seriously - where DID she come from??

Just a bit of what she's been up to recently -

{doing a forward roll by 'her big self'}

{newest dance pose}

{simply being fabulous!}

{curly hair, don't care}

{modeling in her new suit}

 {can't get enough of this angel face}

 {no clue where she gets this!}

Spending lots of time at the pool and she's getting this swimming thing down.  About half the time she remembers to kick her legs AND move her arms at the same time.  But she's moving and swimming regardless - and loving it!

And there really aren't many words for this one. Just Bug being herself.  Very creative in her songwriting!

{baby bird eggs in the bush out front - we try not to scare the Mama bird but are anxious to see the little babies!}

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Case of Dance Fever

The title for this post is pretty self explanatory from these videos.  Pretty much is the Bug is awake she is moving and dancing in one way or another - to the radio or to a song she's made up.  She is a constant source of entertainment!

{blurred lines - my box has become a stage!}

{blurred lines - again.  she likes this one}

{cruise - girl has got some moves}

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Constantly Cracking Up

Oh this Buggy.  She consistently cracks my butt up and she acts so mature and just like a little person that it's easy for me to forget that she is only 3-1/2.  Many days I pick her up from school and we have a very adult like conversation on the drive home.  Lots of times this includes her telling me how I should be driving.... yes, yes she knows what I'm NOT supposed to be doing and is sure to point them out when I do them.  Eek!  She is such a little challenge but so fun at the same time. 

Although I'm slightly late on Mother's Day here are a few pictures.  It was a nice, uneventful day with the Bug!

{some early morning fishing}

{flowers from my Bug}

{the Bug's drawing of me.  cute. very cute.}

In other randomness - she tells me last night at dinner that she is going to marry Aiden (a boy in her class).  I said 'Oh really, and how did this come about?'  She quickly says 'Mommy let's not talk about this!'  I'm still not sure where she came from. 

She's become somewhat of a chicken when it comes to things like bugs.  They used to be no trouble at all.  But now you are WELL aware when there is one anywhere near her.  Or for that matter something that even a little bit resembles a bug.  Her high pitched scream is enough to alert the masses!

She's up to 35-1/2 pounds and is 3'4".  She's growing like a weed and it as tall, if not maybe a little bit taller, than Sophia.

{Sophia on the left and a little bit taller than her Bug on the right - from Sophia's dance recital day!}

And a few more random pictures from the life of the Bug.

{looking at (but NEVER touching) bugs in the grass with Lilly}

{something about being #1 stunnas after school with Kayla :O)}

{helping me empty the dishwasher}

{well helping may not have been the exact correct wording - and do you see some OCD tendencies in her just like someone else I know??}
{tearing it up on the 4-wheeler}

{showing off her raddishes from our neighbor Roxy's garden}

Ahhhh.  3 day weekend upon us.  I am always so very greatful for that one extra day.  It's always so nice.  Happy weekend!!

oh and I happen to love this song and I don't get to hear it near as often as I'd like.  Not sure why I like it so much but I do so..... enjoy!

{1994 Jason Aldean}

oh and this one. 

{Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker}

and this.

{Not Your Mama's Broken Heart Miranda Lambert}

well heck - it's possible I'm becoming a true southerner!  anyways - ENJOY!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buggy's Dance Recital

Bug had her first dance recital April 25, 2013 at Wesleyan Christian Academy.  What a wonderful show it was!!  I was such a proud Mama for the Buggy.  She led the pack of girls onto the stage and did such a wonderful job!  It was a long day for her and afterwards she wasn't quite into getting her photo snapped so all we have are the ones taken during the show.  And of course the video of her numbers themselves!  Can't help but smile when you watch them!  Buggy looks so serious while she dances! We weren't allowed to take pictures with a flash on the camera so I did the best that I could - thank you Deondra who got a few of these on her phone!

 {her pink costume, with her matching pink Teddy Bear - this dance was called 'Teddy Bear Sugar Cookies'}

 {the girls of the PK3-4 dance class}

 {her blue costume - this dance was called 'Tea Time'}

 {dancing with her tea cup}

 (Bug is the youngest in her class, she kept up very well!}

 {all the dancers at the end of the show}

 {before the bad mood started - don't mind my face in this picture, it's well....eeek! just pay attention to the cute little Buggy}

 {with her dance teacher Miss Paige}

 {bad mood.}

 {i just wanted a picture of her with her flowers}

{there, that's better!}

Ok and now for the show!!!  I LOVE IT!!  So proud of the little Bug! She's on the far left in the first 2 videos and on the right holding the 'big dancer's' hand in the third , in the last group of girls.

{the first of Buggy's dances - ballet}

{dance number two - tap}

{bowing at the end of the show with all the girls (and one little boy too!)}

On to the summer dance program.  Buggy has a blast and said she can't wait for the next recital!  My little ballerina!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Beaucoup Buggy

I feel out of it again.  Buggy's been sick.  Randomly sick.  Not just sick for a few days then back to normal.  So I'm all kinds of off my schedule and whatnot.  Who even knows what day it is!  I haven't done a Buggy round up in a bit.  I've taken a few pictures and videos over the last 2 weeks of on and off sickness.  She's cracking my butt up lately with the things she says.  oh and the things she remembers.  Like totally random stuff that I don't even remember.  She'll bring up stuff that happened when I thought she was too young to remember things.  Rather interesting. 

Her latest 'phase' is going around calling everyone "sister" or "brother."  I am aways referred to as sister.  Daddy is always referred to as brother.  And just for clarification, Buggy herself is aways the Mommy.  Her babies and animals are brother and sister too, depending on gender of course.

Back on Easter Sunday she experienced the movie theater for the first time.  The Croods.  (pretty cute movie, there was some animal rescuee in the end and we all know how I feel about animals.  I didn't much care for the movie at first but by the end it left that trademark Disney 'feel good' feeling, I think something about the fact that they were al insanely dirty.  yea yea I know it's cavemen but it made me shudder a bit!) The movie trip was a success - and only resulted in 3 potty breaks. 

And one more for the funny bone.  We don't go to Chick-Fil-A very often.  In fact I can't even tell you the last time we were there.  But for some reason Bug brings it up A LOT.  She informed me the other day she had to get her baby because they had to go to Chicken Lay.  I asked her to repeat that and she rolled her eyes and said 'Mommy, Chicken Lay, for chicken nuggets.'  Oh, well ok!

I've been working out at home a lot more and changing up my schedule so I'm not ALWAYS getting up at the butt crack of dawn to do it.  So on the days that I wait until after work, or on the weekends, I ALWAYS have a workout partner.  Bug is so into working out.  And she's even got her babies doing it too! :O)  I've started showing her some CrossFit exercises so she can do the WOD with me.  This girl is good.  Future CrossFit Games winner I foresee! 

{doing some wall balls.  a few of these actually hit the wall and came back into her hands, but despite the lack of ball.hitting.wall she's got good form in her squat}

{ab mat sit ups.  i didn't even have to show her to put her feet together, she's just watched me enough i guess!}

{rock star posing before Kayla's birthday party}

{working on some new poses i see}

{reading a story, she makes up her own words to go with the pictures, quite imaginative}

{mastering the big girl bike}

{enjoying beautiful days}

{i took her with me to DSW Shoes.  no worries, i'll always have a great shoe shopping companion}

{she only picked out the ones she said were cute, not ugly, to try on.  but only a few of those made the cut for her to be photographed in!}

{a day without leggings is a great day - and we had 2 of them this weekend!}

Oh Mondays - how I disike you!

Friday, April 5, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Here I am slacking on blog posts again.  I’ll just have to stop saying I’m going to do better about that and then maybe I will actually do better!  So here’s a quick recap!
I finally tried overnight oats.  Lemma tell ya – those thing are REALLY good and ridiculously easy to throw together.  I was skeptical and that’s why I was hesitant to try.  But now I’m hooked.  And they do a great job of keeping my belly full until snack time!
Buggy and I trekked to Ohio for my birthday.  A normal 7 hour drive took 9.  We had a detour crossing into West Virginia that took us into the back woods and was not quick.  And it snowed.  A lot.  Then Buggy did so well the whole trip with potty breaks for the last leg of the trip we had to make 3 stops.  So after 9 hours we finally made it.  Now this trip’s main goal was to clean up my mom’s basement.  We had thrown so much crap down there when we all moved in it was sheer ridiculousness the amount of stuff down there.  I’m serious – this room was a borderline hoarder’s situation.  Take a look.  I tried the panorama app for the before pictures so you can see the crap build up but it’s a little mushed.

{this should sum up the car ride}

{se.  i told you.  brderline hoarder’s up in here - and you can't even see it all from these pictures!}
We worked very hard and took several car loads full to Goodwill and several car loads full to the recycle center - apparently the basement was a cardboard box collection. 
{do you see me?!?}
Ok now for the after pics.  I totally forget to take some so I had my sister take some and she didn't use the panorama.  But you get the idea.

{looking good!}
Now here are some of the goodies we found while cleaning this place up!! 
{michelle and meredith.  probably sometime in 1986}

{the morning of Mum Day at Hoban after the senior lock in - me, juile, mel}

{i have no idea when this is from - me, maria, mel}

{this is what Akron Chidren's Hospital gives you after you've had eye surgery for the umpteenth time - poor, poor pitiful me}

{St. Patrick's Day 2004 - me, tracey, mel}

{NYE 2003 i think - at 69 Taps with my bestie}

{senior prom at Archbishop Hoban year 2000 - mel, me, julie}

{YSU college days.  not sure of the year on this - maybe 2002?? - me, brenda, rachel}

And when we weren't cleaning the basement or reminiscing we did get to have some fun!
{Buggy with her cousin's Benji and Makayla}

{Buggy and all the boy cousins - (Makayla had to leave) - Lucas, Bug, Jacob, Elijah, Benji, Nicholas, Alex}

{stopped in at uncle dwyane and aunt heather's (and apollo's) to bring them baby lovelies - can't wait to meet this little baby!! i ove the apolo nose photo bomb in this one, oh and the look on Buggy's face!} 

{Buggy in front of her addiction}

{and being fabulous in her new outfit from Aunt Mere and new boots from Pappy & Gigi}

{birthday cakes!!!}

{hanging with the Dokowski cousins - this has trouble written all over it!}

And then there was Easter.

{the bunny paid a visit}

{this kept her attention for a very long time - more of these in our future}

{just playing around in the short time frame when the sun was out that day}

{all ready for church}

We got to see Sophia and Deondra for dinner this past week.  Haven't seen them since February for Soph's birthday.  We love some girl gab time and these 2 sweet faces make a rough day at work just melt away!
{future is so bright they just gotta wear shades}

And then Buggy woke up with a fever on Wednesday morning.  She's had a wicked cough but the fever was pretty much unaccompanied by any other symptoms.  So she had to stay home from school.  She was fine most of the day - even got herself ready looking mighty f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c!

{she's got the look}

And I think that is the update.  Mosty picture because well you know how I am!
Happy Weekend Y'all!