Monday, October 31, 2011

It's HALLOWEEN...but this blog has NADA to do with Halloween - Enjoy anyways.

For Emma's birthday the Goodman's got her a gift card for Build A Bear Workshop (yay! and THANK YOU!).  Although prior to having Bug I found this store a bit disturbing - something about taking the empty carcass of an animal and stuffing it full of whatever just weirded me out a bit - now I have been in the store several times and that thought has mostly diminished.  Yes mostly, it does still creep in here and there.  I'll be honest.  So since Emma is now old enough to semi-grasp the concept of this store, the gift card came in handy.   And we paid the store a visit.  Like always pictures are worth a 1000 words so here goes!

{a little leary at first}

{okay i'll try, with a little help}

{picking out a heart for the bear & the owl - oh yes there was a sale on an owl animal so we were able to get her 2 animals!  very exciting for this frugal momma}

{bear gets a heart}

{okay i've got this now}

{fist bumps}

{bathtime for the new bear - the owl didn't get a bath so he came  home dirty!}

{heading home with her new friends}

{are you in there guys?}

Overall Emma enjoyed her Build A Bear experience.  I wanted to get her there to create a HAlloween inspired bear and I think we got in JUST IN TIME!  She made a bear with a teeny little witch costume on and a tye dye owl at Mommy's request - yes I have a thing for owls now!  I just love 'em. 


Life is short - be WICKED!!!! 

Halloween weekend pictures soon to follow! mooo hahahahaha!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cheers to the Frickin' Weekend - Drink to That - Hey yeah!

Yes I like Rihanna even though she has nothing to do with Halloween which is the point of this blog.  I like all of her stuff, has a great voice.  And she's gorgeous.  How could you not like her? So being that this is Halloween weekend and Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am doing my best to get into the Halloween-y mode I chose Rihanna for my title, puts me in a good mood.   Plus that song is just fun, you have to admit. 

Ok so Halloween did not sneak up on me this year however I am not ready for it to be here.  I am usually MUCH more excited and MUCH more into it.  I didn't even put any outside decorations up this year.  Yea depressing I know.  I did get out my cute little skeleton guy though and he is in the living room (and to be honest I may just make him a permanent fixture in the house, he makes me smile, I like skulls).  I'm anxious for Emma to dress up and for trick or treat this year.  She is walking, running, jumping and all that on her own much better this year so I'm thinking she will get the concept better.  And she loves carrying around buckets, baskets, purses, boxes whatever she can find and filling it with things - so the getting a bunch of candy in a bucket should be fun for her.  But there is an important thing missing from my Halloween weekend.  So as silly as it seems I'm already looking more forward to NEXT Halloween.  I know I shouldn't be wasting away life and days and should enjoy each one, and I AM (for the most part), BUT next year is looking good. 

This year Emma will be a punk rocker.  Yep even got the ABSOLUTE CUTEST little biker-type boots for her costume.  And I made her a skull t-shirt and have some pink to put in her hair.  Very inexpensive because most of the stuff I already had.  So frugal momma likes that a lot!  Pictures will follow of course.

                         {Now please enjoy Rihanna and cheers to the frickin' weekend!}

{ok and in honor of Halloween my ALL TIME FAV Halloween song EVER - old school Michael Jackson and Thriller - come on - you know you like it just as much as me!!  i'm not ashamed to admit my love for Thriller - and yes i may know the dance! :0)}

And remember, 'life is short, be wicked - but don't be a trick, be a treat' - make sense?  not really - but i liked it.

Cheers!  ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buggy is 2!

Wow.  I can't believe it.  I really can't.  Seems like yesterday she was born.  Time has flown the last 2 years.  And yes I am 5 days late on the birthday blog but it was a fun-filled, crazy weekend! She had her first birthday party this year at the Greensboro Children's Museum with all her friends.  This party was A LOT different from her 1 year birthday party - much smaller and not so much family.  The hardest part about living away is that not all family can be at her parties.  This year we were super happy that my mom could make it down for the festivities! 

I took so many pictures of the big event and her mini celebration on her actual birthday that I just picked out a few of my favorites to share.  Oh and the video of her blowing out both of her candles ALL ON HER OWN and being so proud of herself - listen closely and you can hear her say "I DID IT!"  Such a great moment.  I've probably watched this video a good 30 times by now I love it so much!

{"I DID IT"}

{taking cupcakes to her class for her birthday}

{first time blowing out her own candles}

{i'm pretty sure she has gone up and down this slide 100's of times before the party actually started!}

{Jillian, Emma, Joanna}

{Emma Jane & Sophia Reese - best friends in the world :)}

{Lovin' on Curious George}

{what are YOU looking at?! (i ABSOLUTELY love this picture!!)}

{Lilly & Emma - Buggy's newest friend from school}

Here's to the next year of Buggy-isms!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall has arrived!!

My FAVORITE time of the year has arrived!!!  Fall is here which means Halloween, pumpkins, leaves of all colors, spiced cider, candy corn....ok you get the gist!  Seems this year October brought with it the cooler temperatures, which I adore.  Jeans, sweatshirts and boots.  My fav!  And on top of all this the Disney Channel is having 'Monstober' all month long with all kinds of fun Halloween shows, movies and music.  Pretty much doesn't get much better than that.  No, no it doesn't.

So to kick off Fall, the Kiefer Family made the annual outing to a pumpkin patch.  This year we tried a new place, Oakhaven Farm in Pelham, NC, about an hour drive away from K-Ville.  So worth the trip.  We ended up spending a good long while at the farm with all kinds of activities including a hay ride, corn cannon, barrel train, climning spider web, inflatable horses, corn maze, giant jumping pillow, petting zoo and of course picking out our pumpkins!  The farm was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and the weather was perfect! And to top it all off this was the most affordable fun around!! ( I took so many pictures of the afternoon, here are a few of my favorites!

{Oakhaven Farms}

                                                  {riding the barrel train ALL on her own!}

{checkin' out the chicken coop}

{getting a little frustrated in the corn maze - we ended up somehow exiting through the entrance!}

{corn cannon}

{another of the farm from the hay ride - GORGEOUS!}


{the lake at the farm}

{Pig Talk}

{Oink, Oink}

{I got my pumpkin!}

{Here lamby, lamby, lamb!}

On another side and somewhat sad note - I got my Halloween stuff out of the garage this weekend to put out.  Well, last year I made a bunch of little ghosts for our front tree, turned out really cute.  Only problem is WE HAVE NO FRONT TREE at the new house!! :(  So where in the world do I hang my little ghosts?  Not the same on bushes.  So alas they went back into the box.  Time to plant a new tree I say!!

Oh and shall I just say - pumpkin spice things are out in full force and I intend to stock up on as many as possible!  (I've already gotten a bag of Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses, Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows & several boxes of Pumpkin Spice pudding).  There will be no shosrtage of 'pumpkin' in my house!