Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving Week - EEK!

Moving week is upon us.  We officially close on the new house on Wednesday August 31 at 10am.  After that we are out of the teeny house and into the big house!  This however is a might bittersweet because I do love the teeny house (mostly the kitchen we redid) and it is the only house little Bug has ever known.  We also have to leave some pretty awesome neighbors too.  So like I said , bittersweet.  

Please I ask for lots of thoughts to get me through the next week.  I know by this time next week we will be all moved but in the meantime there is so much to do I'm already getting an ulcer.  We not only have to move all the crap stuff we've accumulated over the last 5 or so years but also dig up and replant trees, move a pond and the fish that inhabit it and swap out fixtures.  EEK!  So please allow me to get through the next week with out any major break downs, melt down or any other kind of downs!

{new abode on Tar Heel Lane -
more pictures to follow as we get all moved in as the house is photo ready!}

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HOLY Earthquake!

So yesterday (August 23, 2011) as I'm sitting at my desk at work minding my own business, the whole building starts shaking!  Seriously.  I'm like what the heck is going on?!?  My intial thought is one of the chemical plants nearby had an explosion.  But alas it's and actual EARTHQUAKE!  Holy heck!  Apparently it hit most of the eastern coast.  And some of my co-workers didn't even feel it.  I can't imagine how they couldn't.  It was the freakiest feeling I have ever felt in all my 29 years!

So I had to document this momentuous and FIRST occurance in my life!

Happy Humping Day!! :) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Sweetest Babes I've Ever Known

This past Sunday, Bug and I spent some time with her bestie friend Sohpia and her mom Deondra.  We had such a good time having a girls day!  And there was LOTS of coffee involved in this day to keep the mommies moving! 

 As we all know I am obsessed with taking pictures so of course this day was NO exception.  We did a bit of shopping (for the mommies) and spent some time at the Greensboro Children's Museum (for the babes).  Here is our day in pictures - well pictures of the babes of course.  You all know I HATE LOATHE pictures of myself.  :)  But Bug and friends are always acceptable pictures.

{riding along, babe feeding a babe}

{mischief in the shopping cart}

{little girls, big chair. this is picture #2 in this chair.  we took one at Sophia's birthday in Feb.  decided we'll have to take one each time we go to document the girls growth!} 

{hello.  how can i direct your call?}

{rocking the babies in the nursery}

{total silliness!}

{after MANY MANY attempts at this picture we finally got a cute one - well Deondra did - credit to her mad photog skills}

It's ALMOST Friday peeps!! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buggy's Growing Up! *tear*

For Christmas this year we got Bug a little battery powered 4-wheeler.  Well, up until this past Monday she would not ride it on her own.  Someone always had to push the power button for her and walk along side.  And if no one would push the button she'd simply get up and push the ride herself.  Cute but NOT the point of the 4-wheeler.  So the other night we were outside and she got on the 4-wheeler and PUSHED THE BUTTON ALL ON HER OWN!  Check this out!

{I'm so proud of the little Bugginess!}

Some more cootness of bug.  We are working on numbers and the alphabet so every morning when we get the dogs biscuits for them to go into thier cages Emma counts out 3 biscuits.  She's got it down!

{Happy Humpity Hump Day!}


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have a new obsession.  And obsession it most definetly is.  I've had my iPhone for a good while now however I've just recently started exploring all the apps there are offered.  Instagram is my ALL TIME FAV!  It makes any picture look so much cooler.  And I love that you can 'follow' friends with the app and see the photos they post.  The beauty of it is all of the pics are ones I took with the camera on my phone.  You'd never guess that from looking at them (at least not in my opinion!)  Here are some of my recent Instagram'd pics. 

{rose from anniversary flowers}

{jill, emma, jo - pseudo sisters}

{stormy sky}

 {bug and mama}

 {sleeping bug beauty}

{daisy from Vee's birthday flowers}

Don't 'cha just LOVE it!! :)

Many Moods of Buggy

My child is not consistent with moods.  Which I suppose she gets easily from me.  Yesterday from the time I picked her up at school to the time we got home (roughly half an hour) she went through the following 3 stages of moods:

{all out tantrum - only thing missing from this pic is the sound}

Happy Hump Day!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh Monday - why are you back again so soon?  Today I'm in a highly irritated and salty mood.  Several different reason and things on my mind today and rather than go into them and be all negative Nancy I'll share some pictures from the past weekend and the Buggy adventures. 

Brayden turned one this weekend and we partied as hard as 1 year old's can! 

{Happy 1st Birthday Brayden}

{Clara, Eli, Emma}

Buggy also experienced her first baseball game!  We went to the Grasshoppers game with the Brown's.  Here are the girlies plotting mischief!  And a cute one I couldn't help but post of thier little feetsies!  {Altered with my latest addiction on the iphone - Instagram.  If you don't already have it GET IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!}

 {Baseball?, no, let's talk michief}
{Little Tiny Feetsies}

And on Sunday, the day of rest, {'I wish it was Sunday.....That's my fun day' to continue with the lyrics}, Emma found a new place to take her baby for a stroll.

My current favorite jam.  How can you not like this song.  {and yes I prefer the Jason Aldean version to the Colt Ford version}

Happy Bleck Monday!