Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kid Just Cracks Me Up!

Oh, Tuesday.  Not close enough to the end of the week at all, not at all.  *sigh*  

Just a quick post for today.   This past weekend we spent some time with new friends we met through Buggy's school.  Miss Kayla is a few months younger than Bug and the two of them have grown quite fond of each other.  We spent Sunday afternoon at her house with her parents - it's so nice to watch the girls play and create memories while getting to know her parents too.   I love meeting other mama's that I can talk so easily too!

{kayla & buggy posing with their babies}

On to some Buggysims! 

The kid just never ceases to crack me up. 

- One day last week as we were driving home from school we passed a bicyclist riding on the side of the road (and let's please not get me started on bikers and their incessant need to ride IN the road, and NOT move for cars - i mean the last time i checked roads were made for cars so these bikers can at least have the decency to watch for the cars driving on them, i mean you don't own the road, i share with you, you should do the same).  Ok slight rant, back on track now. The biker was wearing only gym shorts and no shirt (another thing that drives me INSANE but i'll stay on track this time!) So Buggy says 'Mommy, why is he wearing panties only?'  I couldn't help but crack up!

-Another thing that happens while we are in the car is her bossiness over the radio and what songs are to be played and what songs are not to be played.  For a while we went through a phase where NO songs sung by a 'boy' were allowed to be played, see those songs aren't for girls according to the Bug, and we could only listen to songs sung by 'girls.'  Now we are just on to listening to whichever song BUGGY wants.  My opinion means nada.  And sometimes if there is a commercial on with a jingle and I switch, you'd think I posed a war - she is NOT having it.  I will hear from the backseat of the car through gritted teeth - 'I DO NOT like this song, turn it back!' She's lucky she's so doggone cute!

-The Bug knows what she wants.  And recently this has been to have her pant legs rolled up - no matter what pants she may be wearing.  Over the summer I have rolled her pant legs to convert them to capris (I do this with my pants sometimes too) and I guess she liked that.  So yesterday she wore the 'ugly pants' (black stretchy pants that are like sweat pants only slightly cuter, but not much) and HAD to have them rolled up.  And again it's one of those battles I chose not to fight and just let her roll them.  The pic below is from this morning - at least I got her to only roll them once! Ha.

{yea so this morning she had a bowl of M&M's for breakfast - i know i won't win any mom of the year awards for this but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get out of the house on time!}

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Bit of the Odd & Interesting

Have you seen this?

It's water.  And if you look even closer you can see that it's black water. I was lured in by the cool looking bottle and the cool abbreviation for the word black (yes i am easily enticed by the little things.)  But see I thought the bottle was black.  But it's not.  Nope - it's the water itself that is black.  Don't believe me?  Check this out.

Yep black water.  Seems like you'd be pouring a pop or something.  But then you take a sip and it's nice and refreshing, good old H2O.  The bottle says 'Alaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water.'  I don't know what that means.  Or why it's black.  I was merely intrigued by it so I had to try for myself.  And how cool that there is a secret message in the bottle itself - look closely - it's says 'Enjoy the Dark Side.'  I mean, ya gotta admit, that's pretty cool.

Now something else that is cool is this little doo hickey I found at Toys R' Us over the weekend.

It's a float maker.  You put a scoop of ice cream in the little ice cream cup and then pour your favorite float drink in a cup (or you could use a soda can if you had one) and then sip through the straw and VOILA - instant ice cream float.  Pretty ingenious I think.  The best part of this little invention?  It was only .60 cents!  Yes Bug and I both got one, just for fun, and since it works really well I think it was well worth the $1.20!  :O) 

I had hoped to show you a cute picture of the Bug in her jammies at school today - it's PJ day today and all the kids this morning were so cute.  Bug however had a different idea for her outfit today - regular clothes.  She asks at least twice a week if she can wear her jammies to school so go figure on the day that she actually CAN she doesn't want to.  Ha.  She is most definitely a piece of work.

One quick Buggyism for today.  A recent thing that makes me smile.  When asked if she wants to do something instead of a simple yes or no she will say 'hmmmm, probably no' or 'hmmm, probably yes.'

Hope your Monday has been great! 4 more days to the weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Pinterest...How I Love Thee

So I think most women can at least say they've heard of Pinterest and more than likely have probably become somewhat addicted to it (and maybe some men too, who knows).  I for sure have.  And because it is oh so convenient on my phone too it's so easy to get caught up in all the glamour of it!  Although I like to think I'm pretty crafty I'm really not.  So I pin a lot of things that I think look easy and then dissect them a few times before attempting them.    I've tried some of the recipes with mostly successful results and this past week have tried two of the craft projects I had pinned.  I am super happy with them both.  Check them out and lemme know what you think?  One is definitely more difficult than the other but I think they both came out very cute and I have a little more faith in myself to try things even more difficult.  Bring on the pins Pinterest, bring them on!!  

{a little cork board of wine corks, after gluing and then hung on the dining room wall}

{i am in love with this.  such a cute little touch.  not that we have lots of people over but i always keep the bathroom door shut and those who have been over have asked where it is.  so now there is no question that the room is in fact a bathroom and not a closet or something}
I have lots of projects milling around in my head now.  Oh the possibilities! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rockin' the Random

Is it ever really a happy Monday? I say not.  I'm just not a Monday person.  I do better  on Tuesdays for whatever reason.  So here's a happy little blog to help me push through the fact that it is Monday.  Not too much going on aside from some pink ice cream party birthday details for the upcoming big #3 for Buggy.  She's so excited! Which brings me to some Buggyism's that have this mama cracking up these days:

-after saying something and probably checking to see if you were really paying attention - "do you understand?" (i also say this to her when telling her things she needs to do or listen to me about)

-at random times - "I need to tell you something."  She'll then proceed to tell you exactly that - something - my favorite is when she says it and then it's followed by "I love you."

- I sometimes say to her "If you behave here you can do this" to get her to pay attention to what she is doing and realize if she can behave through this thing she doesn't really want to do she can do something she really does want to do later.  Then I'll say "Do we have a deal?"  So now she goes around saying "it's not a deal" just to say it.  Occasionally she'll say it in content to something but most times not.  Too cute!

- The other day in the car on the way to school she sneezed and afterwards said "that'll get the boogers out!"  I mean really?  Where DOES she come from?!

- She seems to be more appreciative of food these days.  She has always been a really good eater and will try anything at least once but lately after taking a bite of something she'll say "this is good________" and it's been smoothie, carrots, chicken, cookie, whatever she may be eating. 

I haven't given a potty update in a while either.  Not intentionally it has just sort of slipped my mind because, well, she's TRAINED!  She hasn't had any accidents in weeks and always tells us when she needs to go.  She's even to the point now of just going on her own, handing all the business 'by her big self.' She's still doing a pull up at night JUST.IN.CASE. but 9 times out of 10 she wakes up dry!  Go Buggy!!

{went to IKEA this past weekend with our fav girls and these 2 made themselves right at home, posing in various locations! i love how Soph is poking her sweet little face between Bug's arm in this one}

{found some awesome clearance at the Disney store - here's the girls checking out their new cameras - they've definitely been bitten by the 'shutter bug' just like their mommy's!}

{just cracks my butt up. hanging out in her new flops (no backs, she's moving up & another great clearance deal at the Disney store) without a care in the world!}

And to random.  my co-worker Tracey got a video sent to her about how to easily separate an egg yolk from the white.  The video was in Japanese so we had no idea what it said but it looked pretty easy.  So we tried for ourselves.  Check it out.  I think I'll be using this method for sure!

{hello, how easy was that!?}

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mr. & Mrs.

Wedding recap time!!  I don't have a TON of pics but here a few from the wedding week and festivities.  (Very sorry for the disorganization of the pics as they are NOT in any kind of order! But at least they are on here.)  Lots of pics, short on words!

{we turned Nerd's kitchen into a bakery for a few days}

{some of the bridesmaids after a looooooong day}

{finished cake and cupcakes at the reception hall}

{Buggy.  the only decent picture of her dressed up from the whole day!}

{the favor.  it was yummy}

{on Friday while we were cake baking/decorating, Buggy was fishing with Grandma Kim - she caught 10 in all}


{sweet potatoes in a martini glass.  love it!}


{Marlei Starr taking a ride in the car}

{walking the streets of Kent}

{some more fishing}

{Grandma Kim showing Buggy what to do}

{some of the Riedinger clan}

{favors filling the fridge}

{the cupcakes: chocolate with peanut butter filling, strawberry, white almond sour cream with banana filling; all with cream cheese frosting}

{yea, we pretty much were!}

{before the ceremony out in the Grotto}

{the Grotto ready for a wedding}

{after hair limo ride to the church - Mama and the daughters}

{Buggy and her cousin Benji, flower girl and ring bearer}

{ready for rehearsal}

{cake delivery time}

{rehearsal dinner cake}

{flower girl basket - sadly it was never used, but still ridiculously cute}

{Matron of Honor flowers}

{party bus shenanigans}

{i asked my mom to take a pic using my phone - this is the result!}

{Benji all dressed up and handsome!}

{wedding day Starbucks}

{my hair.  i loved it.}

{buggy at the end of the meltdown prior to the ceremony. it's amazing her and i made it down the aisle}

Two quick videos from that week.  Buggy reeling in a fish and playing some piano.

{she's a natural}

{she didn't know i was videoing her - i love how she lets loose}

That's all I've got folks.  Maybe Mere will allow me to post some of the professional wedding pics when they are done?!?!?!