Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in Bug

Little Buggy is growing up so quickly.  Seems just in the last few weeks she’s become even more of a ‘person’ than she had been.  (I say person like she’s not been a person all along but I think you know what I mean – not a baby, a walking, talking attitude giving person!)  Since I started my new job things in the morning are slowly getting better.  Since Miss Thang doesn’t have to get up so early she is in a MUCH better mood than before.  Still can be trying at times (like repeatedly telling me she ‘can’t want those shorts, pants, whatever’ as I go through every pair of bottoms she has in her closet, or ) but for the most part mornings are a lot more pleasant. 
We are working a lot on the alphabet and counting.  She does pretty good with both and can usually get up to 20 with a little help.  This morning however we were working on the alphabet on the way to school and she said ‘A, B, C, eleventeen…..’.  I had to laugh a little ya know?  Eleventeen.  Cracks my butt up.  So I had a conversation with her about how there isn’t a number called eleventeen and the real numbers are eleven and then twelve,  thirteen, fourteen, so on.  She just giggled at me.  Makes me wonder if she KNOWS the real deal and just likes to play that she doesn’t. 
This video was from last night - singing along with her alphabet magnets - hey she's at least trying! :O)

She likes to pick out her own clothes now and is obsessed with shorts.  Even on not so hot days.  But I’m letting her be independent and she wears what she picks.  I’ve been helping her with the matching too but for now she’s not too interested in that part!  WE have also gone over the names of the different bottoms she can choose from - shorts, capris, and pants.  And we even threw in my grandma's word - culottes!  She loves saying that one!
Potty training is still the same. She only goes on the potty when she wants too!  And she’ll adamantly say no if she doesn’t want to.  She’s little miss helper all the time.  Her new favorite thing is helping me make my coffee in the morning – she loves pushing the buttons and then saying ‘it’s done’ when it’s done.  She sometimes helps unload the dishwasher or dryer, pulls the garbage can in from trash day and anything else we may happen to be doing, she usually joins in.  It’s the little things! 
Oh, one little note about the new job – I find it utterly ridiculous that I have to rinse out my dishes in the bathroom sink!!  And what an incredible waste of water when the automatic toilet flushers I spoke of in a prior post flush THREE times while I’m in the stall.  THREE times really?  Sheesh you’d have thought I did some serious business in there every time or something!!  HAHAHA.   But the job is AWESOME!!  I’m learning so much and I’m really looking forward to all the new things coming in the future! Ok that was more than one little note - what can I say - I'm a rambler!
Happy Thursday - one more day until a 3 day weekend!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Chapter

Quick update on my new chapter.  I like it.  It is different, but in a good way.  I’m into day 3 and the days are flying by.  I have a TON to learn but I’m up for the challenge.  Here are just a few basic everyday things that I’ll have to get used to, you know the stuff you don't really think about until it changes:
-          I have to park a lot further away from the building, so to get to my office it takes a few extra minutes – but if I take the stairs (which I do) I get an extra workout in everyday!
-          There are no single toilets here – all the bathrooms have multiple stalls, not a huge deal I’m just not used to running into someone inside the bathroom! I’m more used to not being able to get into one!
-          Also, speaking of bathrooms, the ones at city hall have automatic flushers.  I HATE automatic flushers.  They always go off when you don’t want them to and don’t when you want them too.  I am not a fan.
-          There is a nice break room here with several vending machines and even a coffee machine (yes I like coffee machines even though the coffee isn’t great – I can’t help it!)
-          HOWEVER – there is not a sink in the building for washing or rinsing out dishes – you have to use the bathroom sink.  Seems I’ll be bringing home more dirty dishes than before. :O)
Just some minor differences that I know before long will be like nothing.  Buggy is adjusting well to the new schedule for the most part – mornings are still a bit rough but since she has had some more sleep I can usually start joking with her and get her moving.  The evenings have been a huge improvement.  Both days when I picked her up she didn’t want to leave school and then maintained a great mood until bedtime.  Makes the evenings a lot easier to deal with. 
So far so good.  More updates to come when I have more time!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Wonder of Spray Paint

So, totally not my idea.  In fact, I saw this on Pinterest and was intriqued, but also was too chicken to actually try it.  Then talking with my friend Anna, I found out she had tried and it IT WORKED!  Following in her lead, instead of spending tons of money to replace those hideous gold knobs on all the doors in the house, I picked out some bronze/brown spray paint and gave them new life.  It's amazing to me what a difference it makes.  I mean, DRASTIC difference.  I've never been a fan of gold for anything and when gold is all throughout your house it seems daunting to try and remove it.  Slowly but surely it's being removed from my house!  (and it's funny how you start noticing gold popping out in places you didn't know it was while in the middle of this project!) So thank you to Pinterest and espcially Miss Anna for giving me the courage to undertake the 'gold removal!'  :O)  (Check out Anna's gold removal at her house - she even did a ceiling fan!!)

Here's a before and after of the laundry room door.  Crazy right?  I mean really - why wouldn't you want the look on the right as opposed to the look on the left!?!?!    


Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYC Weekend In Pictures.....

....and some words. :O)  I took a lot of pictures in NYC this past weekend and because I tend to ramble when I get going I figure I'll post the pics with captions - and try to keep them simple!! Some are instagram'ed of course but some are not.

{the entrance to Mel's apartment}

{walking in Mel's neighborhoods, Kew Gardens, NY}

{hard to tell, but the first day it was misty raining - and my shoes, cloth, and most of my lower pant legs were SOAKED AND i had to roll them up like old lady style}

{subway station closest to Mel - about a 15 minute walk, hence my drenched status in the above picture}

{Mel's Hello Kitty microwave & toaster - how adorable!}

{Bella Luna King}

{lots of fresh fruits & veggies within walking distance - i like that}

{3 drinks for 3 girls who turned 30}

{Momofuko Milk Bar for dessert - although we only had appetizers for dinner! - very good stuff, Rach had a 'cereal milk' milkshake = tasted just like milk from a bowl of cereal}

{menu at Momofuko}

{waiting at Momofuko - i gave in to my hair & up it went}

{walking to the subweezy}

{Brooklyn Bridge}


{up to the BB walkway}

{view of the city from the BB}

{freezin' but havin' fun on the BB}

{another view from the bridge}


{Brooklyn Bridge Park}

{another view}

{the park again}

{Rach was interviewed about 'hug man' on the BB - check out 'hug man' for yourself - kinda cool}

{the ceiling at John's Pizzeria in the Theater District}

{new york cheesecake}

{@ the MOMA - Vincent van Gogh Starry Night}

{Radio City Music Hall}

{Times Square Photo Op}

{big city life}


{this should be back with the BB pics - lunch at Brooklyn Mac - fancy mac 'n cheese}

{hello little bits of wonderful - Little Cupcake Bakery in SoHo}

{i tried the black & white cupcake & the lemon cupcake - both delish!}

{fancy water again in the city - @ BearBurger - all natural & vegetarian friendly}

{best friends since highschool}

{the one healthy meal of the weekend}

{brunch on Sunday before leaving - there was 3 of us but somehow we manged to end up with 8 plates & 8 misc glasses!}

{heading to LGA after a great weekend- best friend since college}

Wish I was back there.  Although I know I couldn't live there - i <3 to visit.  I had a great homecoming from Miss Buggy when I got to the airport which made having to leave friends I rarely get to see a lot easier.  She screamed 'MY MOMMY' so loudly as I walked out of the terminal & then couldn't stop talking about me going on an airplace! *love*

Here's to the next long weekend in NYC!!