Monday, January 31, 2011

Closing out January

Time for a quick update instead of the sheer randomness of my last few posts!  First Miss Emma.  I think we can officially say her first REAL spoken word is 'fish.'  She also knows what a fish is and can point it out in books and in the bathtub with her toys.  She has kind of said a few other words (ie. Mama, Dada, Dog) but not well enough to call them the official first word.  So fish it is!  And in honor of Emma's first word  I added a little fish pond at the end of my blog - don't forget to feed my fish! :)  Her newest thing is waving before she does something she's not supposed to do.  Such as pulling out the stove door on her kichen and trying to climb on it - she'll look and do a little wave and then proceed with the wrong doing.  At least she's giving us a heads up right?  Potty training no where in sight - aside from the cute little Dora potty I ordered with the Pampers points I've collected from the endless diapers!  The potty is in the bathroom - just waiting for Emma to try out.  Hmmmmm....wonder when she'll get interested.    

Mommy update now.  I blogged before about my new venture in piano lessons and getting something to practice on!  Well that is done.  I purchased a full 88 key keyboard with weighted keys and a few added extras.  Nothing extraordinarily fancy but eactly what I need to practice, practice, practice.  Which I've been doing - although I have to admit not as much as I'd like to be.  Life keeps getting in the way,  but I do what I can when I can.  I've had several lessons thus far and am loving every minute.  Anna Caranci - who I met through my wonderful neighbor Shawna Moore - is the sweetest and most wonderful teacher!!  We have a lot in common and sometimes during my lessons we start off on tangents about random things - but every minute is well spent! 

Bad new bulletin - Shawn found out a week ago that all employees at Sunland were having hours cut back due to financial strife.  Although great news for him, getting to sleep in every Friday and being able to relax, I'm stressing out about the money not coming in as it used to.  We don't live extravagantly and never have but I still want to be able to provide the things we need (and sometimes want) without too much stress.  But like a good friend always says "It is what it is" and we will prevail!  We may be eating lots of ramen noodles but...gotta do what you gotta do!

And good news bulletin -  my friend Jessica Rye and I have been talking about for a long time starting up our own small business in cake decorating and other goodies.  Now we are on our way there!  2 Moms A Bakin' has made it's debut.  So if you are looking for any goodies please consider us!!  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Veggie Veggie Quite Contrary

So as the mom of an extrememly picky eater - as in does not eat ANYTHING having anything to do with vegetables I have to do what I can to sneak the veggies in.  So I tried these little guys out:

And they work!  Emma can feed them to herself and has a blast squeeeeeeezing it out of the package.  Such simple pleasures and secretly getting the good stuf!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Such a Big Girl

Emma eating with a fork all by herself!  I feel like before I know it she'll be heading off to college.  *Sniff, sniff.*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miracle Stain Removers

Ok ok so maybe it's not a miracle - but I have to share with you the BEST stain removers I've ever found.  First: Dreft Laundry Stain Remover.  We originally got for teeny tiny Emma's laundry.  But of course you all know we have 3 rather large dogs who make stains everywhere!  So it says 'stain remover' on the bottle and I tried it to remove some dirt and grass stains.  Took them right out.  Recently we had an issue with the boys fighting - long story and a horrible incident so I prefer not to rehash it here - but lots of blood ended up on the carpet, several blankets and the dog beds.  Of course I get out my trusty Dreft and spray all of that down, throw it in the washing machine and VOILA - no more blood stains!  And to make it even better you can get it at Walmart for $2.99 per bottle!!  I love this stuff!!

Second: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Yes it has 'magic' in the name but this stuff truly is like a miracle stain remover!  I used it once again for some blood that got on the white walls in the bathroom.  Took them right off.  I've also used this for grease, scuff marks, dirt - pretty much anything that has gotten on the walls or other hard surface.  I don't even get the fancy kinds - just the plain old Magic Eraser Original.  And since I am the queen of discount shopping and refuse to pay full price for anything I get them at Dollar General for a few dollars less than at the other major retailers.  Awesome!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Mom" of Two - but only for a day!

This past Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - I had off work and my good friend Jessica Rye had to work and her son's daycare was closed.  So I kept Brayden and Emma at home with me for the day.  I was pretty worried at first - Brayden is 6 months old and Emma is 15 months old.  How in the world am I going to manage 2 babies?!?!  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't all that difficult!  Of course I know it helps that both Brayden and Emma are super sweet and super well behaved babies!  Maybe I could have another baby - but NOT any time soon!!

Emma was such a sweet 'Little Mama' with Brayden.  Everything I did for Brayden, bottle, bibs, cleaning spit up, Emma wanted to do too. It was the absolute sweetest thing I've seen in a while.  Here's a few pictures from the babies play date.

Emma news:  Emma has several new dance moves and has learned to open the doors in our house all by herself!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma of Many Talents

First things first - today is 1-11-11!  So HAPPY 11111 DAY!!!    :)

Now onto the reason for my post.  Litte Miss Emma has recently expanded her growing list of talents and added singing and 4-wheeler riding.  Although she's not yet figured out to hold down the button on the 4-wheeler to keep it moving she is at least riding it and is no longer scared of it - one step at a time! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/1/11 Plus 5 Days

So 5 days into 2011 and life is good.  My new mantra for the year “Let it be” seems to be working well for me.  I have done a 180 with my thought process and continuing positive thinking – well at least for the most part.  I cannot be perfect; there will always be room for improvement.

As that is said this year has been wonderful for my relationship with Emma.  She seems to have changed her ‘I only want Daddy’ attitude and has been more open to Mommy – yay for me!  I’m of course enjoying absolutely every minute of it.  Even at 6:30 in the morning when I am rushing around attempting to get out the door and start the day – only a few moments of Emma/Mommy time make my days SO much better, and make the rushing around all the more worth it!

More on Emma Bug – she’s more mischievous than ever.  Always into something and so incredibly inquisitive and intelligent.  All she needs to do is watch you do something once and she can then do it too.  It amazes me.  She’s learned to throw things away in the trash and put her dirty clothes in the hamper.  All on her own.   She’s also brushing her own teeth and attempting to put shoes on her feet, they may not be HER shoes but shoes none the less.   At 15 months still no coherent talking but babbling up a storm.  When words finally come out I’m sure she will be a never ending source of laughter and entertainment.   I took her this past weekend with me for pedicures.  She wouldn’t let the salon technicians do hers but she did let me paint them – so cute!  I just LOVE!

Ok – first new adventure for the new year – piano lessons!  My first lesson was last night.  It has been a little over 10 years since my last musical encounter and yeah I can most definitely tell.  Although things slowly started coming back to me I’m super rusty.  Started out in a children’s book for heaven’s sake!  But we must start somewhere.  Oh and one more obstacle to overcome with this venture – GETTING SOMETHING TO PRACTICE ON.  And yes I HAVE a piano – it just resides in Ohio.  Not an easy travel distance for practicing. I’ve been doing lots of research and have found a few ‘piano like keyboards’ I’m interested in.  Hey something is better than nothing until I FINALLY have my piano at my house.    

And second somewhat new adventure – cake decorating.  So I know this isn’t new new but I really want to get more into this.  I always see thing I say I want to try and never do.  So this is year is about actually doing.  I may do and fail but at least I did! 

For those of you who don’t know – I am picture obsessed.  Mostly pictures of Emma but really ANY picture.  So I will always try to include at least one (if not many more) pictures with each of my posts.  They may not be in any way relevant to what I write about but I’ll still post – just because I want to!  And side note to my picture obsession – I have the world’s crappiest camera so I take most of my pictures with my phone so my disclaimer is, they are not the best quality.  Another goal is to get a great picture taking camera – but I think that is far off in my budget so for now I’ll be happy with the fact that I can take ANY picture!

                                                Sure Mommy, I'll give you a pedicure!

                                                            Pretty little buggy toes