Friday, February 8, 2013

And it begins...

The Bug has a boyfriend.  This past weekend she started talking about Leo.  Leo this and Leo that.  So I asked her some more about Leo.  She said 'he's my boyfriend.'  Here we go.  Then a few days ago when I dropped her off Ms. Julie her teacher pulled me aside to let me know that she has a boyfriend.  I of course said 'Leo?' and she confirmed.  She told me they spend most of the day together and are always holding hands.  Sweet? Cute? I suppose so. and also scary - gives me a small glimpse of what is to come and frankly I'm concerned at my ability to handle the Bug and her boyfriends!  Yesterday when I picked her up I saw her with a boy 'canoodling' at a table.  And when I say canoodling I mean they were shoulder to shoulder working on something together and the boy said something and Bug looked at him and got a big 'ol cheesey grin on her face. I said 'is this Leo?' and he replied, not shy at all, 'I AM LEO.'  Ah, young adoration.  So sweet, and so daggone scary! 

This is the most pressing news to share. And it's Friday.  Yippee ya-hoo to that!