Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Hoob-y What-y!?

So within the past few weeks or so Emma has taken the ‘terrible two’s’ to the EXTREME.  I mean really.  I’ve wanted to write about it but words have failed me.  We’ve gotten through however yesterday morning it turned to a new level.  I woke her up for school (which is always a terrible horrible thing for her) and she just had a complete meltdown!  She was screaming and crying to the point of losing her breath.  Not to mention the hitting and kicking and squirming and running away from me back into bed as I try to get her dressed.  Along with the hollering ‘no shirt off,’ ‘I want jammies on,’ and ‘no shoes, no shoes!’  Although she is cute as a button and I love her to death she has most definitely worn me out the last few days especially.  Then yesterday we came home from school and work and went in the back yard to throw the tennis ball to the dogs.  It was nice exercise and fun for all of us.  But that is where the fun ends.  When I told her it was time to go in the house because it was starting to rain you would have thought the world was ending.  I’m really not sure what has her so upset lately.  And it goes in waves.  She will be happy go lucky, smiling, laughing, one minute and then the next she is completely a mess.  Please, please tell me this is just a phase!?! 

Now on to more pleasant writings.  My mom came down for Thanksgiving again this year and we had a very enjoyable long weekend.  In lieu of cooking a big ol’ turkey we opted for a honey baked turkey breast and some homemade sides – and it was all very yummy! We also spent the morning with the Rye’s eating monkey bread and watching the babies play.  Thanksgiving night we took a ride through the Tanglewood Festival of Lights.  Emma was very intrigued by the lights and kept saying ‘look, look!’ Very cute.  And we also put up the Christmas tree.  I tried to be laid back this year and pretty much let Emma do all the decorating – with the exception of the few ornaments I put near the top of the tree.  I have yet to do any outside decorations – not because I don’t want too but because I don’t have the proper décor to outfit the new house and because the décor from the old house just doesn’t work with the new house – and yes I did attempt!  It was a great weekend overall – and of course here are a few pictures of the fun! 
{giving Brayden some love on Thanksgiving morning}

{a pre-Thanksgiving meal time out}

{Thanksgiving prayer}

{wreath at Tanglewood}

{Tanglewood Merry Christmas}

{doing Grandma's hair for some Black Friday shopping}

{trying on some bling bling}

{bug hung these 4 snowmen on the tree and said "Emma, Lilly, Sophie & Brayden" - how adorable - she loves her friends}

 {getting out one of the Buckeye ornaments - prior to it's demise into shards on the floor!}

{happy bug decorating the tree all by herself!}

Friday is only 4 days away!!! :0) Happy beginning of the holidays!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

since tomorrow i will be super busy doing pretty much nothing i wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving now! 

so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! and remember to be thankful for all the things you have and try not to look at the things you don't - easier said than done i know, so my goal for this year is to do just that - for one day at least!

Happy eating, football watching, and whatever else you do on Thanksgiving!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm up to my knees in paint!

The painting has begun at the house.  I finally decided that I can no longer take the ickyness (yes I made up this word) that the previous owners left behind.  I say ickyness :0) just because some of the colors are NOT what I would choose for myself.  Not that they are bad colors by any means.  My first pet peeve is that both the dining room and what we are making Bug’s play room were painted exactly the same.  And they are the first two rooms you see when you walk into the house.  I definitely did not like that.  And I also discovered while painting over the weekend another thing I think I did not like about the original color scheme.  There is chair rail in both of these rooms and the previous owners put the lighter color on the bottom and the darker color on the top.  This is not appealing to the eye in my opinion – almost makes the room feel as if it is floating upside down, if that makes any sense?!  So anyways I spent a lot of hours this weekend diligently painting what will be the dining room – that is when we can afford to get a nice dining room table.   The previous owners did not pay much attention to detail and I can see now in the finished – well almost finished – product where they made mistakes.  They must not have taped off the walls because there is a lot of the old blue on the white trim.  So even after I meticulously taped off the walls and was oh so careful while I did my trim work, I will have to go back and do some touching up with white paint along the basebaords and chair rail.  Oh and one quick rant about blue painting tape – I HATE IT!  I have yet to find a tape that works how it is supposed to - and I've tried a lot of them to get this right.  This time I used 3M brand and in some places it stuck so tight I could barely get it off and in some places it didn’t stick at all and paint went through.  Argh.    What a battle – but it will NOT hinder me from my love of painting.  I may not be quick about it and may make a colossal mess in the process but I absolutely love the feeling of seeing hard work pay off in the end with a beautful "new" room! {Furniture to be added later!}



Please don't mind the somewhat wavy pictures - i used the Panorama App on my phone (which I LOVE but it can be a slight bit difficult to use and line up correctly!) but you get the idea! 

So what do you think??

Happy Tuesday!! 
 Two days away from a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I find therapy in music....

All kinds of music.  Yes all kinds.  My iPod is full of every different kind of music you can imagine.  And my playlists go from slow to rock to some R&B then some country.  I just always seem to be able to find some comfort, support, feel good thing about lyrics in songs.  Or songs themselves.  And not all lyrics in the song get me.  There are usually one or two stand out lyrics that I like - which sometimes you will find as my Facebook posts.  I must say though - PLEASE do not look into it too much when I post a lyric.  They don't neccassarily have anything to do with my personal/work/friends/family or anything like that.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  It's been a little while since I was last able to blog and I have some songs that I've been liking a lot lately that I wanted to share.  So yea I have a 2 year old and the Disney Channel is pretty much on ALL the time, hence the Selena Gomez song (although I'm not afraid to admit I do think she has an extremely pretty, deep raspy voice ANNNND I don't mind watching Wizards of Waverly Place at all!  in fact I may have caught myself watching it AFTER Bug has gone to sleep :0) )  Ok no more blabbing - here's my songs picks for recently.  

{Selena Gomez & The Scene - Love You Like a Love Song}

{Taylor Swift - Ours}

{Sugarland & Matt Nathanson - Run}

{Zac Brown  Band - Quiet Your Mind}

{O.A.R. Crazy Game of Poker - yea I know this is an old one but you just can't NOT like it!}

{LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It - come on, this one is just hilrious.  and the video makes it even better.  had to end on this one for a for sure smile!}

Happy Hump Day all - Friday is ALMOST here! :)