Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleepy Bo Buggy

Bug NEVER sleeps anywhere but the car and her bed.  So when she started falling asleep at the table while eating the other day I HAD to capture the moment!  I can't remember the exact day I took this (so much going on my head is jammed full) but I'm pretty sure we had been swimming that day and there had been no Buggy nap.  She just cracks me up - bobs her little head then picks it back up like 'huh, what? me sleeping? no not me!'  The little things that make us smile!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paci Be Gone, Terrible 2’s, wait I mean terrible ALMOST 2’s and Other Updates

So in my last post I mentioned taking away the paci from Bug – or at least beginning the attempt.  She had not been using it at school at all but was still very attached to it while at home and for sleeping.  So I took it from her – cold turkey.  Just hid all the paci’s around the house (she had become a pro at knowing where they were!)  We had one day of serious paci hunting but then it soon became a distant memory.  It happened so fast that she no longer looked for it I had a hard time believing.  She had become so attached to it I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was for her to become un-attached to it.   But we are PACI FREE!

I know I’ve mentioned before the worry we have had about Buggie’s talking, or rather her NOT talking.  I suppose I can now say that is all cleared up.  Out of the blue words are just spewing out.  The newest additions are Gixxy, Addie, Apple (pronounced appee), sit (which sounds a lot like shit and every time she says it I crack up – yes, yes I’m like a little kid!) , sorry, two, juice and knee.  Those among many others that if you ask her to say them to will.  Not all of them are perfect but at least she is getting something out more so than she had been.  Since we’ve been spending quite a bit of our time lately with or talking about our real estate agent Bobbi, Emma has been saying Bobbi.  And since the cat’s name is Bob she’s got that one down too.  I’m now working with her to say Sophia (her best friend) and Brayden (her much younger boyfriend).  She tries but doesn’t quite have them down…….yet.  And she can point to their pics on the fridge.  Updates of course will follow.

Those terrible 2’s are right around the corner – and we are seeing that very frequently.  Although I can’t complain too much – Bug is still very sweet – within the last few weeks she has been expressing her dislike for things in a much louder and violent manner than we have seen before.  In particular if she doesn’t get what she wants or you are doing something and she wants you to be doing something else.  There are a lot of no, no, no’s, pushing and go that comes out of her mouth.  All while she’s trying to get someone to do exactly what SHE wants them to do.  I must admit she is still stinkin’ cute while doing these things.  Lucky for her or I’d be sending her back to where she came from! 

House update – all things are on track with the house.  We are scheduled to close on August 31 and plan on moving in over Labor Day weekend.  The packing part is coming along. Slowly.  I didn’t realize how much crap we had shoved into the teeny tiny house.  But trust me there is a lot.  The state of the house now is partially in boxes and partially not.  Most of the walls are bare.  And the boxes are sitting around everywhere.  All the food is out of the pantry (packed up early due to an unforeseen ant invasion) and we are basically living out of boxes.  Ugh.  But I just keep telling myself that in a few short months I will be unpacking it all and settling in to a place where we actually have room to move!  HALLEIUIAH!      

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet & Salty, A Big Ol' Blister and I think I'm in Love

So if you know me at all you know my obsession with Salty Caramel icecream from Jeni's - the Columbus, Ohio based ice cream shop.  I can usually only get this ice cream when I visit Rachel - who is currently in Texas and not Ohio - so no Jeni's to be had.  But my recent trip to Ohio for Memorial Day allowed me to stumble upon another local (this time to Twinsburg, Ohio) ice cream shop offering up the sweet icecream.  Rosotti's, a walk up, old fashioned, ice cream stand, has a flavor called Sea Salt Caramel.  Although not quite as good as the original it definetly will do when Jeni's is not a possible option.  If you've never had the chance to try a salty and caramel combination PLEASE hurry and get some as fast as you can.  Your life will never be the same!!! 

Now - saying that I think my palate prefers that sweet and salty combination.  You know, salty caramel icecream, chocoalte covered pretzels - things of that nature.  Anytime I see salt and caramel together I must try.  While at Target today buying first aide supplies for the Big Ol' blister (see below) I came across these cute little granola bars boasting that salt and caramel combo, and immediately snatch up a box.

They are made by Archer Farms - all of their stuff I am a fan of.  Although not quite as salty as I would have liked they are delicious little bites of wonderfulness - the perfect little 'pick me up' for a work day afternoon.  And not too hard on the diet - each piece is only 3g of fat and they do a great job satisfying people like me with a chocolate craving around the same time every day.  Just enough of the good stuff to keep you going.  Yes I just may be in love - with SALT & CARAMEL!

Now on to the Big Ol' blister.  Although I haven't blogged about it much before - I started doing CrossFit (a workout program widely used by military and law enforcement) back in march of 2010.  The program has changed my life.  Got rid of all my Emma flab (well most of it) and has gotten me into the best shape physically I've ever been in.  It's addictive to the core and has become an intergral part of life.  The workout are scalable and therefore ANYONE (and if I can you can too!) can do the workouts.  But long story into few words, when I started I was doing pull ups by standing on a tall box and using the box to assist in pulling myself up.  NO MORE MY FRIENDS!  I have officially worked my way up to a full kipping (please check out http://www.crossfit.com/) pull up without any assistance.  I am pretty proud of myself for this milestone!  Today was the first day i did the complete WOD (work out of the day) doing all un-assisted pull ups, a total of 50.  My prize for this awesomeness - the Big Ol' blister!   EEEEK.  No pain no gain - right?!

                              And let's not talk about the pain of the
                            hydrogen peroxide and cleansing spray!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's a jungle out there!

Last Friday we met our friends Heather & Jeremy & thier family (and some of thier friends) at the zoo in Asheboro, NC.  They were passing through NC on thier way to the beach in SC.  Every year when they come down to the beach we try and meet up, even if it's only for a quick meal!  This year we actually got to spend the best part of a day with them - we hit up the zoo (for only a few short hours because it was HOTTER THAN THE DESERT) & then back to thier hotel for some swimming.  Then we had some dinner together before they went on to the beach and us home.  Here are a few pictures from the day.  Emma had a great time with all the kids!!

                         Have a great holiday weekend!!!