Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleepless and Nutella

So I've recently discovered the amazement that is Nutella.  I mean why in the world have I not been buying this stuff prior to 3 weeks ago!?!?  I cannot for the life of me give you a good reason why.  I had heard people talk about it and have seen it in the grocery store but never thought to just go ahead and buy some.  I guess I wasn't sure what to really do with it.  So... I'm still not really sure but creative as I am (ha) I've been putting a small amount (which is hard trust me, I'd like to eat it by the spoonful!) on a lightly salted rice cake.  YUM! I think for me it goes back to that sweet and salty combination.  Delectable!  And in the grand scheme of things I could  do worse when it comes to a snack.  I'm also back doing the Zone diet to coincide with the CrossFit (exercise doesn't really make sense if you eat like crap) so this little bit of heaven in the afternoon is something I very much look forward too.  Ok and MAYBE I have some more after dinner - but who's counting right?!   Oh and I'm also pretty big into Mio - you know the water enhancing stuff without sugar or calories or anything else bad. (my favorite is the strawberry watermelon).  I know I don't drink enough water and it's because after a while I just get  bored.  So I have one of these at work, at home and one in my purse so wherever I go I can add a little pizazz to my water - if I so desire! :)


Now the sleeplessness.  Since we have moved into the new house I'm fairly certain I haven't slept more than 3-4 good hours a night, if that.  As you all know well I'm a pretty high strung person and I create anxiety about pretty much EVERYTHING.  So that couple with Buggie getting up in the middle of the night has left me with bags under my eyes and tons of coffee in my system.  I'm thinking Emma is just getting used to the new house and her new big girl bed, which we switched her to when we moved.  She does really well going to bed in it and likes it but she has been getting up anywhere between midnight and 2a most nights crying for Mommy.  When I go into her room she'll crawl back into bed and lay down but when i think she's fallen back asleep and try to sneak out she cries out 'Mommy' in her sweet little voice. So I either have to stay in there with her until she really is asleep or I just bring her into bed with me (which I know is a controversial topic!) So this mama could use a night of continuous sleep - no scratch that - could use several DAYS of continuous sleep!

And since the point of this blog is little Bug and I KNOW that's who you all want to see, here is a somewhat recent Bug picture - oh and she's enjoying some Mio enhanced water!

{ Happy Wednesday - Friday is only 2 days away!! }


  1. glad you enjoy the blog! blogging is such a fun outlet, I'm sure that's why there are so many "mom blogs" out there. and what a small world, really!!! can't wait to tell John this! and my, my what a cute little bug you have too :) this Nutella post made me laugh, I've had a jar of unopened Nutella to try out in the pantry for 6 mths, it even made the trip from Ohio to Colorado with us. I'm inspired to open it now :) nice meeting you, have a great day!

  2. oh yes Nutella is awesome - and totally addicting so get ready! plus the kiddos will love it too! nice meeting you too! gotta love blogs. (maybe i should take lessons from you though - mine is so novice in comparision!! )