Monday, June 17, 2013

Buggy Love

I have to say I am really enjoying this age with the Bug.  She is really growing into her own personality and never ceases to crack me up!  I'm still not really sure WHERE exactly she came from.  Sometimes the stuff she comes up with just baffles me.  We hit a milestone this past week. She took a shower for the first time that didn't end in meltdown city.  She's tried the shower thing before only to cower in the corner yelling about the water touching her.  But this past week I came in the house from a workout and said 'I'm heading up to shower because I stink' - and oh man did I seriously stink.  Thank you very much 90 degree weather workouts!  The next thing I know she's getting in with me.  And she loved it and wants to take showers now all the time. I call this a win! 

There is also a new 'Buggyism' that makes me smile big. I'm sure you are all familiar with hearing someone say 'gimme a beat' (cue Janet Jackson circa 1986, first lyrics of 'Nasty').  Not sure why or how this came to be but now when she wants to dance - which is ALWAYS of course - she'll say 'gimme a shot.'  Then someone must give her a 'beat' so she can show you her dance. Seriously - where DID she come from??

Just a bit of what she's been up to recently -

{doing a forward roll by 'her big self'}

{newest dance pose}

{simply being fabulous!}

{curly hair, don't care}

{modeling in her new suit}

 {can't get enough of this angel face}

 {no clue where she gets this!}

Spending lots of time at the pool and she's getting this swimming thing down.  About half the time she remembers to kick her legs AND move her arms at the same time.  But she's moving and swimming regardless - and loving it!

And there really aren't many words for this one. Just Bug being herself.  Very creative in her songwriting!

{baby bird eggs in the bush out front - we try not to scare the Mama bird but are anxious to see the little babies!}

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