Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miracle Stain Removers

Ok ok so maybe it's not a miracle - but I have to share with you the BEST stain removers I've ever found.  First: Dreft Laundry Stain Remover.  We originally got for teeny tiny Emma's laundry.  But of course you all know we have 3 rather large dogs who make stains everywhere!  So it says 'stain remover' on the bottle and I tried it to remove some dirt and grass stains.  Took them right out.  Recently we had an issue with the boys fighting - long story and a horrible incident so I prefer not to rehash it here - but lots of blood ended up on the carpet, several blankets and the dog beds.  Of course I get out my trusty Dreft and spray all of that down, throw it in the washing machine and VOILA - no more blood stains!  And to make it even better you can get it at Walmart for $2.99 per bottle!!  I love this stuff!!

Second: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Yes it has 'magic' in the name but this stuff truly is like a miracle stain remover!  I used it once again for some blood that got on the white walls in the bathroom.  Took them right off.  I've also used this for grease, scuff marks, dirt - pretty much anything that has gotten on the walls or other hard surface.  I don't even get the fancy kinds - just the plain old Magic Eraser Original.  And since I am the queen of discount shopping and refuse to pay full price for anything I get them at Dollar General for a few dollars less than at the other major retailers.  Awesome!!


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