Monday, December 19, 2011

Buggy Gets Her Hair Did!

So I finally broke down and gave into the wicked mess that is the Buggy’s hair.  She got her first haircut this past Saturday, December 17, 2011 at Checker’s Hair Gallery in Kernersville.  Her stylist’s name was Shannon.  And she did SO well.  I was a very proud Mama!  Although she was slightly apprehensive at first she climbed right up into the chair and sat still – for the most part.  She wasn’t totally smiley but she did behave – and she even let Shannon blow dry and use a round brush on her hair to amke it do a 'lil flip.  Something she NEVER lets me do.  Because this was a bigger step for me and my first baby, I didn’t let TOO much get cut off so she just got the ends trimmed up.  But it made a huge difference!  Check her out! :o)

{waiting for the cut}

{being a big girl}


{more snip, snip}

{blow dry and a flip}

{all done!}

{i'm so pretty :o)}

Happy Monday - Christmas is 7 (eeek) days away!

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