Friday, June 15, 2012

Antics and Schemantics!

Just when it seems like I’ve laughed as hard as I can at this kiddo she comes up with something else that has me rolling.  Like last night we were sitting down to eat and she looks at me and says “I need to go to the hospital, to get my hair cut.”  Just matter of fact like that’s how it is and how silly I am for not knowing that.   I can only imagine how she comes up with this stuff.  I had told her prior that she needed a haircut.  And we pass a hospital everyday on the way to school, so, maybe that’s it. 

And then this morning when I dropped her off at school her teacher Miss Victoria stops me to inform me that she has been extra drama queen-ish this week and that she also now has several boyfriends in the class.  (I had honestly suspected this whole boyfriend thing already, most days when I drop her off 2 or 3 boys come running to the door to greet her.  What I didn’t know that apparently Little Miss Bug is running a hair salon out of classroom #7 at Wesleyan Christian Childcare.   She gets all the boys to line up (bossy much?) and then has them each take a turn while she ‘washes and styles’ their hair.  Then she tells the next one to sit down and continues down the line.  I’d love to watch this sometime.  I can only imagine.  :O)

On to some of the not-so-funny things she says.  (although I must admit it’s R.E.A.L.L.Y hard not to smile and laugh when she says them!)  Favorite phrase of the moment = ‘not right now.’  Example – I said 'Bug do you love Mommy?'  Her reply is ‘no, not right now.’  Or if I say we have to get in the car and head to school ‘not right now Mommy.’  If anyone tells her something that she doesn’t like or would rather not hear she replies with ‘no, don’t say that’ and a quick hand swat.  Example – I smelled the dreaded poopy pull up (good heavens when will this child just poop and pee on the toilet?!?!) smell and asked her if she had pooped.  She got an angry look on her face, swatted me away and said ‘Mommy, don’t say that!’  And lastly she has a new ploy she executes when she doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t like something someone said i.e. – ‘no you cannot eat a third pack of fruit snacks before dinner’ or ‘I cannot hold you right now,’ – she simply states whines ‘my *legs huuuuurt.’   

*leg can be replaced with whichever body part fits the bill.    

The funniest things EVER though are these 2 videos.  I posted these on Facebook back when they happened but couldn’t resist posting them again.  I mean, I can watch them over and over and my laughter does not subside in the least bit.  Maybe, just maybe, I have a future American Idol or actress on my hands.  (and yes I’d be totally ok with either one of those!)   

Come on; tell me you didn’t laugh.out.loud after you watched them!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s!

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  1. I just LOVED those 2 videos!! She is a riot!! Oddly enough Brayden is now coming into his own with things like Emma and boy is it funny wo watch and listen!