Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lots of Visitors!

The past two weekends have been filled with visitors - last weekend my dad was here and this weekend my friend Jessica was here.  We had a blast both weekends and I wish the time on the weekends didn't fly by so quickly!   

While my dad was here he helped move Buggy's new swing set into the backyard and some other small things around the house.  It was so nice having him here for the extra help - I wish he was closer!!  We were lucky to be able to buy the swing set from neighbors who were moving and not taking it with them.  It is a few years old but Bug loves it and it will grow with her as she gets older and more adventurous - although she's pretty adventurous now so I'm a little scared to see what she'll get into as she gets older!  Eeek!

 {Madison playing dress up}

 {being silly in the tunnel with Aunt Maddie}

 {Buggy & Pappy}

 {Gigi, Buggy & Pappy}

 {Pappy kisses}

 {eating giant candy buttons!!}

{Pappy discovered a blueberry bush in the backyard while he was here!  Here's Buggy with her first blueberry from the bush!}

This past weekend my wonderful friend Jessica and her family were here for a few days while on vacation.  I used to work with Jess at the police department but unfortunately (for me) she moved back home to Texas in 2008.  The last time I saw her was in January 2009 when we met them in Las Vegas for vacation.  That trip was so much fun and between now and then there has been 1 wedding (the Morrill's) and 3 babies born (Buggy Kiefer & Bryson & Harper Morrill).  I was so excited to finally meet her kids and was totally content to sit and watch them play with the Bug.  They hit it off right away and had so much fun.  Bug was very into little Harper (she's 8 months old) and I was able to get a nice baby fix in.  I'm telling you I could sit and rock a sweet little baby like Harper for hours at a time!

 {Bug absolutely loved Harper - as you can tell from all these pics - she called her 'her' & 'baby' a lot, and repeatedly asked to hold her!}

 {me & the girls *love*}

 {my lap on Saturday morning - i love little moments like this}

 {kisses for sweet Harper}

 {reading a story to Bryson}

{sweet, sweet girls}

 {Buggy helping Harper with her paci - she's such a little mama}

 {brushing those teeth & sharing the sink}

 {having a little snack - and sharing so nicely}

 {i enjoyed having Jess here SO much - i wish she still lived here!}

 {can we come out now?!?!?!}

 {tearin' it up on the 4-wheeler}

 {they drug the chairs in & sat down like this - how could we not take a picture!}

 {Harper, Jess & Bug - 3 gorgeous ladies!}

{2 cute kids}

 {Bryson playing dress up - this hat is pretty popular!}

 {we tried to get a pic of all 3 kids - not exactly a success but cute none the less}

 {movers & shakers}

{these pics make me smile}

This week buggy and I are leaving on Thursday for another adventure - off to Ohio until next Monday for my sister's bridal showers!!  Bug is super excited to go on a 'trip with just mommy' and mommy is pretty excited too!!!

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  1. You look like a natural holding two babies, haha! :)