Monday, March 11, 2013

An Unintentional Blogging Hiatus

Wow.  Over a month with no blog.  Not sure what happened aside from life.  And yea life has been crazy.  I.AM.BACK!  Now here's to hoping that I can stay back.  No more blogging lagging!!

As I sit here now to write about all the mad crazy hecticness that has been the last month or so (and that will continue until early May) I can't think of a single thing that happened.  Ok.  Here they are

Sophia's birthday party & girly sleepover.
Mel in from NYC.
Purchasing conference in Greenville, NC.

So. Doesn't seem like that much huh?  Well when you throw in a few sicknesses in there it kicked my butt.  And I've got 2 more things on the agenda before there are no plans in site.

Ohio for the weekend with my Bug.
Purchasing Into class in Chapel Hill.

Then there will be peace.

I also had to totally restore my phone.  Apparently having an addiction to photo apps took it's toll on my little phone.  So here are a few pictures I salvaged from the restore.

{Sophia's birthday!!}
{Buggy just being cute before school}

{Mel & I got to go out for a bit - and of course Buggy wanted in on the posing!}

{CAGP Conference in Greenville, NC - Me, Patty, Josh, Tracey -the City of High Point Purchasing Team}

{a new obsession, thank you Walgreen's}

{Bug and Lilly giving Ella loves}

{three sweet, adorable blondies! <3 these little ladies}

On another note - I'm doing another clean eating 30.  Not a whole 30, just cleaner eating.  No bread, no sugar, no pop.  I'm on day 2.  and yea I want some chocolate!!  But I'll get through it.  Thank goodness for Lara bars!

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