Friday, May 24, 2013

Constantly Cracking Up

Oh this Buggy.  She consistently cracks my butt up and she acts so mature and just like a little person that it's easy for me to forget that she is only 3-1/2.  Many days I pick her up from school and we have a very adult like conversation on the drive home.  Lots of times this includes her telling me how I should be driving.... yes, yes she knows what I'm NOT supposed to be doing and is sure to point them out when I do them.  Eek!  She is such a little challenge but so fun at the same time. 

Although I'm slightly late on Mother's Day here are a few pictures.  It was a nice, uneventful day with the Bug!

{some early morning fishing}

{flowers from my Bug}

{the Bug's drawing of me.  cute. very cute.}

In other randomness - she tells me last night at dinner that she is going to marry Aiden (a boy in her class).  I said 'Oh really, and how did this come about?'  She quickly says 'Mommy let's not talk about this!'  I'm still not sure where she came from. 

She's become somewhat of a chicken when it comes to things like bugs.  They used to be no trouble at all.  But now you are WELL aware when there is one anywhere near her.  Or for that matter something that even a little bit resembles a bug.  Her high pitched scream is enough to alert the masses!

She's up to 35-1/2 pounds and is 3'4".  She's growing like a weed and it as tall, if not maybe a little bit taller, than Sophia.

{Sophia on the left and a little bit taller than her Bug on the right - from Sophia's dance recital day!}

And a few more random pictures from the life of the Bug.

{looking at (but NEVER touching) bugs in the grass with Lilly}

{something about being #1 stunnas after school with Kayla :O)}

{helping me empty the dishwasher}

{well helping may not have been the exact correct wording - and do you see some OCD tendencies in her just like someone else I know??}
{tearing it up on the 4-wheeler}

{showing off her raddishes from our neighbor Roxy's garden}

Ahhhh.  3 day weekend upon us.  I am always so very greatful for that one extra day.  It's always so nice.  Happy weekend!!

oh and I happen to love this song and I don't get to hear it near as often as I'd like.  Not sure why I like it so much but I do so..... enjoy!

{1994 Jason Aldean}

oh and this one. 

{Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker}

and this.

{Not Your Mama's Broken Heart Miranda Lambert}

well heck - it's possible I'm becoming a true southerner!  anyways - ENJOY!

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