Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buggy's Dance Recital

Bug had her first dance recital April 25, 2013 at Wesleyan Christian Academy.  What a wonderful show it was!!  I was such a proud Mama for the Buggy.  She led the pack of girls onto the stage and did such a wonderful job!  It was a long day for her and afterwards she wasn't quite into getting her photo snapped so all we have are the ones taken during the show.  And of course the video of her numbers themselves!  Can't help but smile when you watch them!  Buggy looks so serious while she dances! We weren't allowed to take pictures with a flash on the camera so I did the best that I could - thank you Deondra who got a few of these on her phone!

 {her pink costume, with her matching pink Teddy Bear - this dance was called 'Teddy Bear Sugar Cookies'}

 {the girls of the PK3-4 dance class}

 {her blue costume - this dance was called 'Tea Time'}

 {dancing with her tea cup}

 (Bug is the youngest in her class, she kept up very well!}

 {all the dancers at the end of the show}

 {before the bad mood started - don't mind my face in this picture, it's well....eeek! just pay attention to the cute little Buggy}

 {with her dance teacher Miss Paige}

 {bad mood.}

 {i just wanted a picture of her with her flowers}

{there, that's better!}

Ok and now for the show!!!  I LOVE IT!!  So proud of the little Bug! She's on the far left in the first 2 videos and on the right holding the 'big dancer's' hand in the third , in the last group of girls.

{the first of Buggy's dances - ballet}

{dance number two - tap}

{bowing at the end of the show with all the girls (and one little boy too!)}

On to the summer dance program.  Buggy has a blast and said she can't wait for the next recital!  My little ballerina!

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