Thursday, February 17, 2011

Neeeeeew Yoooooork

I booked a very cheap plane ticket several months ago to visit Melissa in NYC.  It seemed like the weekend would never come – and yet now it’s already passed.   L  But I wanted to share a bit of what I did while there.  NYC never ceases to amaze me with all there is to offer and so much to do.  I’m always a bit overwhelmed and when I get back home I always think of things I should have done.  But ok here goes. 

I arrived Friday morning February 4 and of course was starving.   We walked to a small convenience store near Melissa place (in Corona, NY) and had a yummy sandwich on some seriously thick and wonderful bread.  Then once we had sustenance we headed out to enjoy the city.  Oh man was it cold!!!  I know I’m from Ohio and should be used to it but I’m not.  Walking around in the frigid air killed me.  Yes I’m getting soft now and can be considered more of a southerner I suppose. 

Our first stop – Doughnut Plant.  YUM-O!  All kinds of scrumptious and delicious, not so common, flavors of doughnuts.  Yes wait for it – here is a pic of the yummy ones we tried. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Crème Brulee, Simple Glazed and Blackout.  

Next stop – the new Dash store.  Much disappointment here.  Kind of simple, VERY expensive and not really at all what they had described the store to be on “Kourtney and Kim take NY” (yes I may have watched that show, once, maaaaaaybe twice).  A bottle of Kardashian water cost $10!!!  Now that’s some serious water!!

Ok on to a cute little French café called Fiat.  We stopped just to warm up and get a cup of coffee.  When we ordered coffee the waiter says “it’s American coffee, is that ok?”  Thinking well duh we tell him that’s fine and order the coffee and some yogurt with granola.  Well we get our “American coffee” and it’s not a thing like coffee you’d think of.  It’s SO MUCH BETTER.  So when I look into this more I find that it’s a Spanish coffee, more like espresso, with steamed milk.  Oh it’s my new favorite thing!!!  And yes I DID buy some while there.  Now I just need to get the espresso maker.  This little French café turned out to be oh so cute and just a little fancy.  Check out the not-so-simple granola and fancy way they serve water at this place.  So fun!

Ok on to shopping.  Which is how we spent the rest of the afternoon until we met Moises at a cute little bar in Times Square and had a drink.  I feel so posh saying I had drinks in a bar in Times Square!  Hehe. It gets better though.  For dinner we went to Serendipity!!!  Yes the adorable little restaurant where they filmed the movie Serendipity.  The real live place!  So incredibly cute in there.  The food was delish however it’s the dessert, frozen hot chocolate, which makes this place famous.  Well that and all the stars that have eaten there.  We got to sit upstairs.  Because it was so close to Valentine’s Day this beautiful chandelier was hanging from the ceiling.  And check out the menu – yes HUGE.  When it was open I couldn’t fit the entire thing in the view of my camera – so here’s one of it closed.  The possibilities of food and desserts were endless on this thing!

                              Times Square - this blurry image just fits the theme of NYC so well!

Here comes confession time!  Haha.  Saturday afternoon Mel and I took a pole dancing class – yes you read right, a pole dancing class.  Boy was it fun and not at all what I expected.  Melissa found a great Groupon deal that we just couldn’t pass up with New York Pole Dancing.  This place is serious about pole dancing.  Not only do the instructors teach classes but they also compete nationally in pole dancing competitions.  And yes they are in pristine shape.  Amazing to watch what they can do with a pole.  (And no not in a dirty way!)  An excellent way to be in peak physical shape.  I thought Cross Fit was difficult – sheesh – I had NO idea! J  In our hour long class we did some stretching and learned and entire routine – complete with spinning AND climbing the pole!!  Oh yes, we climbed the pole!  Thank you Cross Fit for giving me the upper body strength to do so well with this.  But we laughed the entire time and when the class was over I really wanted to try to find a place to take more classes here in NC.  That was until the next day when my body hurt in places I didn’t know existed!! Haha – but maybe I’ll still look into a class around here.  Just to complement my Cross Fit! J   Now who wants to sign up with me?!?!  Come on…..don’t be shy!

So in between the things I mentioned above Melissa and I did lots of shopping.  Although it was hard not to buy many, many things I mostly did window shopping.  Which I’m pretty proud of myself for.  I tend to tell myself “oh I’m in NYC, just buy it” but this time I didn’t!  We went to H&M, Lord and Taylor, and lots of little specialty store.  One of these was called Dylan’s Candy Bar – which is Ralph Lauren’s daughter store.  And yes it’s what it sounds like – LOTS and LOTS of candy.  The picture below is some of the faux candy along the walls and ceiling inside the store.  This store could get me in trouble both financially and with my waistline!!!

Finally here's a few pictures of Grand Central Station, Radio City Music Hall and some sweet mimes who were down in the subway.  You couldn't help but stop and watch them! 

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