Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What has Mama Done?!?

So most times I do really well with picking out EJ's clothes for the week on Sunday nights, that way the mornings go just a teeny bit smoother - EJ and I are both NOT morning people in the least bit.  So this morning I get her up, dressed, teeth and hair brushed and ready to walk out the door.  It's only then that I notice the dried snot on her nose (don't even get me started on the difficulty I have removing the stuff from her face, I mean you'd think I was trying to cut off a finger or something!), the relative shortness of her dress, her right shoe keeps falling off and the fact that though I brushed her hair it looks like she just rolled out of bed.  Oh my.  And too late at this point - gotta get out the door for school and work.  When I drop her off I apologize ridiculously to her teach Miss Debbie.  Thank heavens they are used to this kind of thing.  And I'm keeping my fingers crossed her dress covers her butt for at least most of the day and her cute silver shoe doesn't trip her.  Tomorrow is a new day!! * Since I ALWAYS have my phone somewhere on my person i DID snap a few pics to remember this morning.*  Although not the best with the outfit, shoes and hair all days should be remembered - good or bad! (If you look close you can see the dried boogies (YUM) and the look on her sweet little face just screams I HATE MORNINGS, and no I don't blame her one bit)!

And a quick positive note.  Had a piano lesson last night for the first time in a while (thanks to kid and Mommy illnesses). My biggest weakness is learning the names of the notes for the bass clef.  I've got the treble clef down.  So I created a little cheat sheet to help me get memorized.  And I'm so proud of myself - I taped it right on my work computer so I have no choice but to look at it all day and learn it!  Yep here's some proof! :)


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