Monday, April 25, 2011

The sun hates me.

So over the weekend we went to the Lazy 5 ranch in Mooresville, NC.  This place is absolutely awesome.  Basically it's like a WAY glorified zoo.  You can drive through the animals habitat and can also feed and pet the animals.  Pretty amazing.  Emma warmed up pretty quickly and starting feeding the animals like it was her job!  One of the coolest parts was the Easter Egg hunt the ranch hosts.  They drop the eggs from a helicopter and then let the kids do the hunting.  And everyone gets a prize - which is nice.  We will be making this a tradition for sure.  Here's a few pictures from the day.

While on our drive through the animal habitats at the Lazy 5 Ranch we came across several LARGE Texas Longhorns.  So like the other animals I stick the bucket of food out to give one of them some lunch.  WHOA.  Here's what happened.  The thing nearly ate Emma and I - but I have to admit - it was AWESOME!  I wish we had the 'attack' on video but I am so glad Shawn got this pic - it pretty much sums up the experience. 

From this point on Shawn was afraid the Longhorns would "hurt" the car (who cares that one just nearly ate his wife and daughter, right?!)  so this picture sums up his reaction to Longhorns coming even slightly close to the car.

Ok so now to my blog title.  I'm convinced the sun hates me (I have lots of stories to back this up, just ask and I will tell).  The day we went to the ranch it started out overcast and warm but by the afternoon it was HOT and sunny.  Since I wasn't thinking I did not put on any sunscreen and got the worst farmer's tan  burn ever.  You can see from the picture above the type of shirt I was wearing and here is the result of the sun's hatred towards me.  (it was hard to get a good picture so this is the best I could do, I think you get the idea!)  The amusing (or not) thing is Shawn and Emma also both did not have sunscreen on and did not get any kind of burnt.  No they are a little more golden now.  Heh.  I guess I should be glad Emma got her daddy's skin tone - she sure doesn't want mine!!  OUCH!

And a bit of spectacular news - we have an appointment this Wednesday to hear the offer the DOT is making on our  house.  YIPPPEEEE YAHHHOOOOOO.  Ok I'll try to contain myself further until we hear the actual offer.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it's a good one!!!  THANKS!

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