Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend in pictures (and a few words!)

Had a super busy weekend this past weekend and as usual I spent a lot of my time snapping pics of Emma.  I REALLY need to get a new camera - I use my cell camera which is good but it's just not the same!  Anyways so as not to bore you I'll use mostly pics but I will of course explain them!

Swim lessons level #2 started this past Saturday (unfortuneately all those pics are on my crappy little camera which I HATE downloading pictures off of, so no swim pics quite yet!) But while at the Y there was a "Kids Health Day" going on so Emma got some free goodies and had her face painted for the first time - she sat remarkably still!!

After swim lessons we drove to Julian, NC to check out a house - probably a no go but a nice drive none the less.  Of course we all got hungry so we stopped for some lunch.  Here's Miss EJ just hanging out at lunch.

So then when we finally arrived back home I was going through her big diaper bag for our trip to SC (details to come) and found 2 paci's in there.  Well since Emma is the paci queen she noticed them immediately and snatched them from me.  Well.......this is what happened! Oh it's going to be serious drama taking her paci away when the time comes - which is 6 months from now - I am going to try REALLY hard not to have a 2 year old with a paci, 2 years old is the limit!

Ok, trip to SC.  No, no not the beach, the other way, to visit the Rodgers family (Brittany, Justin and Kenzie).  They have recently built a house just over the NC border in SC so we went down to check it out and hang out a bit.  Such a fun day!  The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS and we enjoyed it by having lunch outside and then taking a nice walk to the playground.  While we were at the playground Emma climbed a small climing wall ALL ON HER OWN!  She just keeps getting bigger and more independent!

It was great to catch up with friends and give the girls an opportunity to play.  Emma just loves being around babies and once she warmed up was loving all over Kenzie.  She also had quite a 'thing' for Justin.  In no time at all she was throwing her hands up at him to get picked up.  She didn't however like Giz - the Rodgers little dog.  Now go figure she has no problems with our 3, 55+ pound dogs jumping on her but little 7 pound Giz she threw a fit. 

Ok that was a lot of words so now here are the pictures!

And last but not least ... Sunday night while we are all pretty exhausted and sitting aroound, Shawn and I notice Emma's baby is shoved inside the dishwasher of her little kitchen.  We aren't sure how long she had been there or why Emma decided to put her in there but we cracked up for a good long while after it's dicovery.  If only we could know what is going on inside a child's mind when they do the things they do! Ha I just had to stop typing for a minute to crack up again.  Oh my! 

           Happy Tuesday Y'all - have a glorious rest of your week!!

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