Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emma's Entourage

Emma does NOT travel lightly.  Way back prior to her arrival I got her a cute little stuffed bunny from IKEA (♥ Love!) to match her crib bedding.  Well since she has been old enough to understand, the bunny must go with her everywhere.  And most def when she goes to bed, even for a nap.  More recently she got her first baby doll, for her first birthday.  In the last few months this baby doll (who remains nameless and is only called by 'baby') has joined her must have list.  Bunny and baby must accompany her to sleep and also in the car.  She does do pretty good about leaving them in the car if we go into a place.  She'll leave them along with paci, which is also part of the entourage!  This morning I got her all ready for school and she was doing her "uh uh uh" noise towards her crib.  She already had paci, bunny and baby so I couldn't figure out what she wanted.  The only thing in her crib was her blanket.  So I grabbed that and asked if it was what she wanted.  She grabbed it and "wrapped" it around herself, with some assistance.  Then she was good to go. 

So rather than wearing a jacket this morning she went to school wrapped in her blanket.  Once she got in the car she wanted to cover up with it, with paci in her mouth and bunny in her lap.  Baby is not visible in the following picture but have no fear - she is sitting beside Emma on the seat of the car! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!! :)

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