Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama's Day

Even though Emma is pushing 2 years old I sometimes still have a hard time believing I am a mama.  It just seems so unreal to look at her and think 'I made that!' She's so darn cute and I for the life of me don't know where she gets it.  Hard to imagine she is mine and I had something to do with her and the way she is!  Ok but reality is she IS mine and i AM a mama!  This year Mother's Day seemed more real - I picked up Emma from school on Friday and she had a hand-made Mother's Day gift for me.  Yes, I had to hold back tears.  I just LOVED it and can't stop looking at it!!  Her little hand prints are so dag-gone cute!

This weekend we are also house/dog sitting for our friends so Shawn has been spending most of the weekend at their house.  He keeps apologizing however it has worked out really well.  Emma is a HUGE Daddy's girl but if he is not around we get have an amazing time.  Which we have this whole weekend.  ANNNNND I was even blessed with getting to rock her while she slept yesterday - mind you this has not happened much since she was teeny tiny and had no choice where she slept!  So needless to say this has been a wonderful Mama's Day.  This last pic is really all I need - I could have sat here all weekend with her, and probably longer!

  Last but certainly not least I must give a shout out to my Mama!!  Happy Mother's Day Mom - I LOVE YOU!!  and Happy Mama's Day to all the other mom's in my life!

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