Monday, June 6, 2011

Heading North

Emma and I made the trip to Ohio over Memorial Day weekend.  This was my first major trip by myself with Emma.  She did really well!  Luckily the iPad loaded with movies kept her occupied for some of the trip.  She did get a bit antsy pantsy towards the end but who can blame her!? 

We spent 3 days in Ohio going, going, going to see everyone that we could.  This took a serious toll on Emma.  For the first time she was able to let me know she wasn't happy.  And boy did she!  She was a mess for most of the weekend - just not really herself!  I guess now we know to not plan so much for one weekend for Little Miss Thang.  All in all we had a good trip and got to spend some time with family we never see.  I always wish we had more time when we visit but are glad for what time we do get!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Emma with Aunt Kendra and then passed out at Grandpa George & Grandma Sally's house

Playing in Aunt Maddie's tree house, Emma & Grammy, Emma & Aunt Maddie, Emma & UB, Blowing Bubbles with Pappy, Aunt Courtney, Aunt Meredith, Mommy & Emma

Playing with new friend Ellie.  Mommy's friend Alecia from college's daughter.

Dinner with Ruth, Frank, Papa Gary, Aunt Erinn & Aunt Kelly. 

Cleveland Zoo with the Grandma's - yep got to see humping turtles! And that pic above the snake - not really sure what the heck that is.  One of those things that is so gross you can't stop looking at it!  :)  (and obviously I took a picture of it!)

Crazy ponytail and totally pooped from the weekend!

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  1. In that second to last picture I thought EJ was giving you the finger for a second! :)