Friday, June 17, 2011

It's all in THE look.

This would be THE Emma look!!!

We all have a look.  Emma has developed hers as well.  It cracks me up every time she does it!  This one was from this morning when I was trying to get her in the car to go to school.  She wanted to play outside instead - hence THE look! :)

A little Emma update:  This past Monday (June 13, 2011) was Emma's first day in her new classroom at school.  We got the memo of her transfer up a few weeks back.  I had mixed feeling about it - I adored her teachers in Room #2 but I knew she was the oldest in the class and needed to be with kids closer to her age.  Of course I cried (twice) on her last day in Room #2.  Once in the morning after Miss Debbie hugged me and thanked me for letting her take care of Emma.  And again in the afternoon saying goodbye to Miss Jennie and Miss Jennifer.  

So back to this past Monday.  I dropped her off in Room #12 (her new room is #14, but since I drop her off so early she goes to Room #12 first until her new teacher Miss Kristie gets there at 7:30).  She was a little leary at first but eventually went in with Miss Charlene just fine.  Unfortunately yesterday and today when I dropped her off she had MAJOR meltdowns.  Meltdowns which included nail marks in my back and my shirt covered with snot and slobber!  Not fun at all for Mommy to leave her when she's such a mess like that.  The weird thing is yesterday when I picked her up she wanted nothing to do with me and when I asked her if she wanted to go home she plainly said "No!"  So I know once she gets used to things she'll be fine.  So keep praying for me that the morning meltdowns cease soon!!

Next step: Chucking the paci.  Eeeek.  Any ideas???

Have a good weekend y'all!   

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