Friday, October 19, 2012

Buggy Bonanza!

Buggy updates - mostly in pictures - because she's just so darn cute. 

We've entered the 'what in the heck was i thinking saying terrible 2's when the 3's are so much worse' phase of the Buggy's life.  She's been 3 for 14 days and they have been a rough 14 days.  I mean it's almost like a switch has been flipped.  Or maybe it's because her tantrums are more grownup like now.  I'm not sure but I know I've had a lot more headaches and 'pull my hair out' moments!  

{at her 3 year old check up - she's 3'2" tall - a mini person!}

{being gangster like in leggings - because that is ALL she will wear*}
*more to come on the leggings issue

{trying on Mommy's boots}

{being crazy - this usually happens right around 8pm each night, yes in other words, bedtime, which never happens when it's supposed to}

{rockstar/little angel face}

{passed out after a long day of being Buggy!}

{a quick pose before school one morning}

{Buggy faces - there are oh so many and i love each and every one!}

{hanging the Halloween clingers on her bathroom mirror.  she only had to take them down and re place them about 8 times.  she's def inherited my OCD}

*So now, let's take a minute and discuss my current Buggy cross to bear - LEGGINGS!  She has become obsessed.  She won't wear anything else.  Every morning it MUST be leggings.  Ok I guess i get it.  They are comfortable.  But she doesn't have enough shirts/dresses that she can wear with leggings all the time.  One of the pictures is from this morning and she is wearing hot pink skinny jeans.  So we got those one - BUT - i think it's only because they are size 2T and since are a little snug fit like leggings!  So i told her i was going to return all the pants she got for her birthday and buy things to wear over leggings.  She said ok.  Go figure!

And a quick potty training update - Bug had been wearing pull ups at night.  Then earlier this week we ran out of pull ups (whoops) so we had to let her sleep in panties.  Which ended in pee in 2 of the 3 beds in the house!  Out of the 4 nights she hasn't worn a pull up only 1 was completely dry.  So she's getting there - she's just such a hard sleeper that she doesn't wake up when she has to go!  Here's to hoping she gets the overnight part of the training down as quick as she did the rest of it!

Happy Friday! 

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  1. The picture where she's sleeping on the couch she looks SO She is absolutely adorable Michelle!! I can tell she's got that attitude, it just shows in her face. A little girl with much sas!!! <3 it!!