Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Buggy 3rd Birthday

My little Bug turned 3!!  (and I must say it's been terrible three's since she has, much worse than the two's - but I'll save that for a later post!)  We had a great birthday celebration with pizza, an icecream sundae bar, cupcakes and lots of fun.  Buggy made out and keeps talking about her awesome party.  Thank you all who came over to have fun with the little Buggy!  Here's a few pictures (out of TONS) to recap the day's events.

{birthday celebration at school - Buggy picked Oreos for her treat}

{someone is going to wake up to something special!}

{she claimed to 'not be able to get out' for several minutes before hitting the balloons out of the way}

{the goodies}

{birthday girl ready for her party!}

{there sure is a little crazy in there - she gets it honest}

{brayden rocking the tricycle}

{Happy Birthday To You....}

{a bouncy house break}

{sassy girls}

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little Buggy!!

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  1. Aw it looks like so much fun! I really hate we missed it. :( Love the balloon over the door idea - planning on doing that for Eden too!