Friday, October 26, 2012

'I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness'

A break in the Buggy action to do a little update on the Buggy Mama and some fitness - and for some reason while writing this last line I thought of the Fergie song with the line I used for the title of this one, yes it's been a long week and I'm slightly delirious! 

I've been pushing myself a bit harder lately both in CrossFit and in running.  I have recently set 2 goals for myself - although neither have a deadline & both are running related - I only wish to complete them in a reasonable amount of time.

* Goal 1 = Run a 5K (3.2 miles) in under 30 minutes 
My current best time is 30:31 - oh so close!

* Goal 2 = Run the entire distance of Salem Lake - a total of 6.94 miles.
I've completed 5.02 miles of the lake so far

And I really pushed myself yesterday during the W.O.D.  I used a weight that I hadn't ever tried before for the exercises - and lemme tell ya do I feel it today! 
Basically I'm tired of staying stagnant in workouts.  Time to push myself to the next level!!

Now comes in this crazy thing I decided to do with my friend Renee.  The Pilot Mountain Challenge 5K on December 15.  So, I've done lots of 5K's before and the thought of running up beautiful Pilot Mountain intrigues me.  But then Renee sent me a link to a guy's bog who did the P.M. 5K last year - and documented it with words and pictures.  Gorgeous pictures - but now I'm a little scared!  What did I get myself into?? My plan was always to enjoy the run, not push myself to much to adhere to a strict 5K time and to have fun.  Reading that blog reiterates that - so adding to that plan is to take some really pretty pictures while I enjoy this crazy run! 

Here's to running my butt off!!
Happy Weekend All!!!

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  1. It will be fun, I promise. It will also be brutal and challenging but beautiful and fun!