Monday, April 15, 2013

Beaucoup Buggy

I feel out of it again.  Buggy's been sick.  Randomly sick.  Not just sick for a few days then back to normal.  So I'm all kinds of off my schedule and whatnot.  Who even knows what day it is!  I haven't done a Buggy round up in a bit.  I've taken a few pictures and videos over the last 2 weeks of on and off sickness.  She's cracking my butt up lately with the things she says.  oh and the things she remembers.  Like totally random stuff that I don't even remember.  She'll bring up stuff that happened when I thought she was too young to remember things.  Rather interesting. 

Her latest 'phase' is going around calling everyone "sister" or "brother."  I am aways referred to as sister.  Daddy is always referred to as brother.  And just for clarification, Buggy herself is aways the Mommy.  Her babies and animals are brother and sister too, depending on gender of course.

Back on Easter Sunday she experienced the movie theater for the first time.  The Croods.  (pretty cute movie, there was some animal rescuee in the end and we all know how I feel about animals.  I didn't much care for the movie at first but by the end it left that trademark Disney 'feel good' feeling, I think something about the fact that they were al insanely dirty.  yea yea I know it's cavemen but it made me shudder a bit!) The movie trip was a success - and only resulted in 3 potty breaks. 

And one more for the funny bone.  We don't go to Chick-Fil-A very often.  In fact I can't even tell you the last time we were there.  But for some reason Bug brings it up A LOT.  She informed me the other day she had to get her baby because they had to go to Chicken Lay.  I asked her to repeat that and she rolled her eyes and said 'Mommy, Chicken Lay, for chicken nuggets.'  Oh, well ok!

I've been working out at home a lot more and changing up my schedule so I'm not ALWAYS getting up at the butt crack of dawn to do it.  So on the days that I wait until after work, or on the weekends, I ALWAYS have a workout partner.  Bug is so into working out.  And she's even got her babies doing it too! :O)  I've started showing her some CrossFit exercises so she can do the WOD with me.  This girl is good.  Future CrossFit Games winner I foresee! 

{doing some wall balls.  a few of these actually hit the wall and came back into her hands, but despite the lack of ball.hitting.wall she's got good form in her squat}

{ab mat sit ups.  i didn't even have to show her to put her feet together, she's just watched me enough i guess!}

{rock star posing before Kayla's birthday party}

{working on some new poses i see}

{reading a story, she makes up her own words to go with the pictures, quite imaginative}

{mastering the big girl bike}

{enjoying beautiful days}

{i took her with me to DSW Shoes.  no worries, i'll always have a great shoe shopping companion}

{she only picked out the ones she said were cute, not ugly, to try on.  but only a few of those made the cut for her to be photographed in!}

{a day without leggings is a great day - and we had 2 of them this weekend!}

Oh Mondays - how I disike you!

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