Friday, April 5, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

Here I am slacking on blog posts again.  I’ll just have to stop saying I’m going to do better about that and then maybe I will actually do better!  So here’s a quick recap!
I finally tried overnight oats.  Lemma tell ya – those thing are REALLY good and ridiculously easy to throw together.  I was skeptical and that’s why I was hesitant to try.  But now I’m hooked.  And they do a great job of keeping my belly full until snack time!
Buggy and I trekked to Ohio for my birthday.  A normal 7 hour drive took 9.  We had a detour crossing into West Virginia that took us into the back woods and was not quick.  And it snowed.  A lot.  Then Buggy did so well the whole trip with potty breaks for the last leg of the trip we had to make 3 stops.  So after 9 hours we finally made it.  Now this trip’s main goal was to clean up my mom’s basement.  We had thrown so much crap down there when we all moved in it was sheer ridiculousness the amount of stuff down there.  I’m serious – this room was a borderline hoarder’s situation.  Take a look.  I tried the panorama app for the before pictures so you can see the crap build up but it’s a little mushed.

{this should sum up the car ride}

{se.  i told you.  brderline hoarder’s up in here - and you can't even see it all from these pictures!}
We worked very hard and took several car loads full to Goodwill and several car loads full to the recycle center - apparently the basement was a cardboard box collection. 
{do you see me?!?}
Ok now for the after pics.  I totally forget to take some so I had my sister take some and she didn't use the panorama.  But you get the idea.

{looking good!}
Now here are some of the goodies we found while cleaning this place up!! 
{michelle and meredith.  probably sometime in 1986}

{the morning of Mum Day at Hoban after the senior lock in - me, juile, mel}

{i have no idea when this is from - me, maria, mel}

{this is what Akron Chidren's Hospital gives you after you've had eye surgery for the umpteenth time - poor, poor pitiful me}

{St. Patrick's Day 2004 - me, tracey, mel}

{NYE 2003 i think - at 69 Taps with my bestie}

{senior prom at Archbishop Hoban year 2000 - mel, me, julie}

{YSU college days.  not sure of the year on this - maybe 2002?? - me, brenda, rachel}

And when we weren't cleaning the basement or reminiscing we did get to have some fun!
{Buggy with her cousin's Benji and Makayla}

{Buggy and all the boy cousins - (Makayla had to leave) - Lucas, Bug, Jacob, Elijah, Benji, Nicholas, Alex}

{stopped in at uncle dwyane and aunt heather's (and apollo's) to bring them baby lovelies - can't wait to meet this little baby!! i ove the apolo nose photo bomb in this one, oh and the look on Buggy's face!} 

{Buggy in front of her addiction}

{and being fabulous in her new outfit from Aunt Mere and new boots from Pappy & Gigi}

{birthday cakes!!!}

{hanging with the Dokowski cousins - this has trouble written all over it!}

And then there was Easter.

{the bunny paid a visit}

{this kept her attention for a very long time - more of these in our future}

{just playing around in the short time frame when the sun was out that day}

{all ready for church}

We got to see Sophia and Deondra for dinner this past week.  Haven't seen them since February for Soph's birthday.  We love some girl gab time and these 2 sweet faces make a rough day at work just melt away!
{future is so bright they just gotta wear shades}

And then Buggy woke up with a fever on Wednesday morning.  She's had a wicked cough but the fever was pretty much unaccompanied by any other symptoms.  So she had to stay home from school.  She was fine most of the day - even got herself ready looking mighty f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c!

{she's got the look}

And I think that is the update.  Mosty picture because well you know how I am!
Happy Weekend Y'all!

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