Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buggy's Growing Up! *tear*

For Christmas this year we got Bug a little battery powered 4-wheeler.  Well, up until this past Monday she would not ride it on her own.  Someone always had to push the power button for her and walk along side.  And if no one would push the button she'd simply get up and push the ride herself.  Cute but NOT the point of the 4-wheeler.  So the other night we were outside and she got on the 4-wheeler and PUSHED THE BUTTON ALL ON HER OWN!  Check this out!

{I'm so proud of the little Bugginess!}

Some more cootness of bug.  We are working on numbers and the alphabet so every morning when we get the dogs biscuits for them to go into thier cages Emma counts out 3 biscuits.  She's got it down!

{Happy Humpity Hump Day!}


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