Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh Monday - why are you back again so soon?  Today I'm in a highly irritated and salty mood.  Several different reason and things on my mind today and rather than go into them and be all negative Nancy I'll share some pictures from the past weekend and the Buggy adventures. 

Brayden turned one this weekend and we partied as hard as 1 year old's can! 

{Happy 1st Birthday Brayden}

{Clara, Eli, Emma}

Buggy also experienced her first baseball game!  We went to the Grasshoppers game with the Brown's.  Here are the girlies plotting mischief!  And a cute one I couldn't help but post of thier little feetsies!  {Altered with my latest addiction on the iphone - Instagram.  If you don't already have it GET IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN!}

 {Baseball?, no, let's talk michief}
{Little Tiny Feetsies}

And on Sunday, the day of rest, {'I wish it was Sunday.....That's my fun day' to continue with the lyrics}, Emma found a new place to take her baby for a stroll.

My current favorite jam.  How can you not like this song.  {and yes I prefer the Jason Aldean version to the Colt Ford version}

Happy Bleck Monday!

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