Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving Week - EEK!

Moving week is upon us.  We officially close on the new house on Wednesday August 31 at 10am.  After that we are out of the teeny house and into the big house!  This however is a might bittersweet because I do love the teeny house (mostly the kitchen we redid) and it is the only house little Bug has ever known.  We also have to leave some pretty awesome neighbors too.  So like I said , bittersweet.  

Please I ask for lots of thoughts to get me through the next week.  I know by this time next week we will be all moved but in the meantime there is so much to do I'm already getting an ulcer.  We not only have to move all the crap stuff we've accumulated over the last 5 or so years but also dig up and replant trees, move a pond and the fish that inhabit it and swap out fixtures.  EEK!  So please allow me to get through the next week with out any major break downs, melt down or any other kind of downs!

{new abode on Tar Heel Lane -
more pictures to follow as we get all moved in as the house is photo ready!}

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