Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Sweetest Babes I've Ever Known

This past Sunday, Bug and I spent some time with her bestie friend Sohpia and her mom Deondra.  We had such a good time having a girls day!  And there was LOTS of coffee involved in this day to keep the mommies moving! 

 As we all know I am obsessed with taking pictures so of course this day was NO exception.  We did a bit of shopping (for the mommies) and spent some time at the Greensboro Children's Museum (for the babes).  Here is our day in pictures - well pictures of the babes of course.  You all know I HATE LOATHE pictures of myself.  :)  But Bug and friends are always acceptable pictures.

{riding along, babe feeding a babe}

{mischief in the shopping cart}

{little girls, big chair. this is picture #2 in this chair.  we took one at Sophia's birthday in Feb.  decided we'll have to take one each time we go to document the girls growth!} 

{hello.  how can i direct your call?}

{rocking the babies in the nursery}

{total silliness!}

{after MANY MANY attempts at this picture we finally got a cute one - well Deondra did - credit to her mad photog skills}

It's ALMOST Friday peeps!! :)

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