Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buggy is 2!

Wow.  I can't believe it.  I really can't.  Seems like yesterday she was born.  Time has flown the last 2 years.  And yes I am 5 days late on the birthday blog but it was a fun-filled, crazy weekend! She had her first birthday party this year at the Greensboro Children's Museum with all her friends.  This party was A LOT different from her 1 year birthday party - much smaller and not so much family.  The hardest part about living away is that not all family can be at her parties.  This year we were super happy that my mom could make it down for the festivities! 

I took so many pictures of the big event and her mini celebration on her actual birthday that I just picked out a few of my favorites to share.  Oh and the video of her blowing out both of her candles ALL ON HER OWN and being so proud of herself - listen closely and you can hear her say "I DID IT!"  Such a great moment.  I've probably watched this video a good 30 times by now I love it so much!

{"I DID IT"}

{taking cupcakes to her class for her birthday}

{first time blowing out her own candles}

{i'm pretty sure she has gone up and down this slide 100's of times before the party actually started!}

{Jillian, Emma, Joanna}

{Emma Jane & Sophia Reese - best friends in the world :)}

{Lovin' on Curious George}

{what are YOU looking at?! (i ABSOLUTELY love this picture!!)}

{Lilly & Emma - Buggy's newest friend from school}

Here's to the next year of Buggy-isms!!

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