Monday, October 31, 2011

It's HALLOWEEN...but this blog has NADA to do with Halloween - Enjoy anyways.

For Emma's birthday the Goodman's got her a gift card for Build A Bear Workshop (yay! and THANK YOU!).  Although prior to having Bug I found this store a bit disturbing - something about taking the empty carcass of an animal and stuffing it full of whatever just weirded me out a bit - now I have been in the store several times and that thought has mostly diminished.  Yes mostly, it does still creep in here and there.  I'll be honest.  So since Emma is now old enough to semi-grasp the concept of this store, the gift card came in handy.   And we paid the store a visit.  Like always pictures are worth a 1000 words so here goes!

{a little leary at first}

{okay i'll try, with a little help}

{picking out a heart for the bear & the owl - oh yes there was a sale on an owl animal so we were able to get her 2 animals!  very exciting for this frugal momma}

{bear gets a heart}

{okay i've got this now}

{fist bumps}

{bathtime for the new bear - the owl didn't get a bath so he came  home dirty!}

{heading home with her new friends}

{are you in there guys?}

Overall Emma enjoyed her Build A Bear experience.  I wanted to get her there to create a HAlloween inspired bear and I think we got in JUST IN TIME!  She made a bear with a teeny little witch costume on and a tye dye owl at Mommy's request - yes I have a thing for owls now!  I just love 'em. 


Life is short - be WICKED!!!! 

Halloween weekend pictures soon to follow! mooo hahahahaha!

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