Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Recap

Wanted to post a few pics from our Easter weekend. We didn't do anything fancy however we did drive to the zoo, eat lunch in the parking lot, wait in the GINORMOUS line for about 5 minutes, decide we wouldn't have enough zoo time if we waited, then left and drove to Lazy 5 Farm on Saturday.  Bug wanted to see 'ammammals' and we had to oblige her of course!!  On Friday Bug and I hit up Lowe's for some spray paint for the doorknobs (thank you Anna Caranci for the inspiration!) and then stopped to enjoy the weather at the Botanical Garden in K-Ville.  All this while Shawn was picking up his new motorcycle!

{found the book section at Lowe's}

{pretty flowers}

{pretty flowers & a buggy}

{trying out daddy's new bike - i'm anxious for this thing to save us on some SERIOUS gas $$}

{ready to feed the ammamals at lazy5}

{on the move, she wouldn't put the food bowl down}

{hello little goat}

{she was a little leery of getting too close to the camel}

{mama & baby zebra  :O) }

{Buggy self portrait in the car}

{snapping a pic while we rode through the ammamals wearing our 'stunna' glasses}

{mama & baby horse}

{we had a long day in the car & stopped for a pick up dinner on the way home from the farm.  buggy had to have her own salad.  the kid cracks me up}

{buggy's Easter loot}

{eating squeezable marshmallow on Easter morning.  breakfast of champs!}

{running with strollers, little mamas on a mission}

{sweet little girlies <3}

{this picture makes me smile}

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! 

* i'm thinking about doing a post of all the cakes and cookies i've decorated over the last few years.  i don't really have another good way to document them so i thought doing a post would be a good way to have the pictures all in one place. then i can include all future cakes in new posts! so the next few posts may be a bit boring.  just bear with me!!  

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  1. What a nice Easter! Glad you had a good weekend. That Emma is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen (outside of own kiddos, of course)!!!