Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Must Confess...

I might be am a bad influence at times for Buggy.  Ok short story.  Earlier this week Bug and I met Shawn for dinner after work.  Since we both had our cars Buggy wanted to ride  home with Shawn.  They had to make a stop and Wally World first and I went straight home.  After I had been home for a few minutes I get a call from Shawn.  He said 'I just had to call you and let you know what your daughter just said.'   I really had no clue what she could have said now because she's constantly throwing out doosies.  He continues and says they were pulling out of Wally World and were waiting on a car to turn out of the lot when Bug yells 'Move it buddy!'  WOOPS!  yea that's totally me!!  I have serious road rage.  Although not the kind that makes me get out of the car or make obscene gestures.  Just the kind that make me say things like that inside the privacy of my car! Haha.  I suppose I could say a lot worse than move it buddy.  And of course I had to laugh that she said it.  Obviously I need to be more cautious of my words with little ears around!!  :O)  There's my confession for the day.  Hope it made you smile like it did me!!

In some other news.  Buggy has also picked up a new phrase that makes me want to laugh - except in these circumstances I have to be better than laughing.  In the mornings when I'm attempting to get her out of bed she likes to say 'Leave me alone!' It def brings a smile to my face - she's 100% my child - but I stifle the smile and tell her that is not nice to say to people.  So far she is still saying it.  It's a work in progress.

We also made some new friends in our neighborhood yesterday.  I love that we moved into a neighborhood with LOTS of kids Buggy's age and wonderful friendly parents for me to gab with! 

Ok now a few pictures of the last few days.  This girl just cracks me up - something new each and every day!!

{loving her new helmet - as soon as we get home she HAS to put it on.  even if she's not riding her bike!}

{she's doing so well with the pedaling!!  i'm a proud mama!}

{sweet little angel face}

{prior to 'outing' me on my rotten parenting skills to daddy, she grabbed my purse & sunglasses & stated she was 'going to work!'}

{this morning Buggy informs me she'd like chocolate syrup on her scrambled eggs - i did not let this happen - thankfully she's a ketchup fanatic so it was easy to sway her away from the chocolate syrup}

Happy Thursday of a 3 day weekend!!!  A very blessed and happy Easter to all!!!

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