Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday - Wish It Was Sunday! Or ANY day of the weekend!

Speaking of Sunday, that's what is was yesterday.  And I wish it still was.  Because I would be at home.  Not at work.  And generally happier.  Ah but it's Monday and I'm at work.  So instead I'll do a quick recap of the weekend.  We had several periods of extreme Buggy HYSTERIA.  And when I say extreme I'm not even remotely joking.  If only I could have video taped the occurrences because I know to describe them no one will believe it.  So instead I'll describe some of the more fun and happy times of the weekend!!

First things first.  Bug has had her tricycle for a while now and has perpetually pushed it around with her feet.  This past weekend she got the hang of actually riding it - pushing the pedals and all!!  Check it out!

{because this video was taken before several tricycle accidents she now has a brand new helmet - and i have a feeling she's gonna need it!!}

We spent a lot of time this weekend playing with Lilly and her mommy.  I have to say again how much we are both enjoying having them so close!  Because I could literally sit and watch sweet little girls playing!  Lilly is very imaginative and Buggy is imaginative by way of copy catting Lilly.  They spent lots of time running up and down the driveway checking out 'snakes' and 'monsters' at the end of the driveway and then were 'pulling each other out of the muck' for a while. 

{this is just a small sampling of them helping each other out of the muck}

{yes the end of the video was a fall resulting in Buggy injuries - one of MANY this past weekend.  luckily the cry only lasted for a minute and she was super tough after that}
Lilly also has a scooter.  Which means Bug wants a scooter. And will probably get one because I cannot deny her (this is why I cannot have more children because my current child is ridiculously spoiled!!  Buggy hopped on and was scootin' around like a pro in no time!

{i love the quick Lilly fly-by at the end of the video!} 

Here's a few shots of the girls playing over the weekend.  We also dyed Easter eggs.  I was only able to snap a few quick picks but I think the girls had fun.  And the Mommy's too!

{just being cute like always}

{lemonade break}

{magnets on the fridge}

{i just love how Bug is holding Lilly's face - 'yes you will hug me!'}

{silly costumes & a snack}

{Easter Eggs coloring 2012}

{coloring on her egg}

{Lilly about to color}

{Buggy treacherously playing with the blue dye}

{some of our finished eggs}

I also made my own version of the Easter bunny cake my mom made for us every year.  I cheated a bit and used can frosting.  And you can totally see the crumbs from the chocolate cake.  But other than that it came out pretty cute.

{i love his little buck teeth}
And here are just a few more of Buggy doing what she does!
{yes she makes the crazy face that i make.  it's in the genes, crazy is!}

{she put herself in time out}

{helping daddy wash the car}

{just chillin' at our favorite store, Target - pronounced Tar-jay}

4 day work week!  Yippee Yahoo!!  So it's Monday but really Tuesday disguised as Monday! :O)

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