Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures in Bug

Little Buggy is growing up so quickly.  Seems just in the last few weeks she’s become even more of a ‘person’ than she had been.  (I say person like she’s not been a person all along but I think you know what I mean – not a baby, a walking, talking attitude giving person!)  Since I started my new job things in the morning are slowly getting better.  Since Miss Thang doesn’t have to get up so early she is in a MUCH better mood than before.  Still can be trying at times (like repeatedly telling me she ‘can’t want those shorts, pants, whatever’ as I go through every pair of bottoms she has in her closet, or ) but for the most part mornings are a lot more pleasant. 
We are working a lot on the alphabet and counting.  She does pretty good with both and can usually get up to 20 with a little help.  This morning however we were working on the alphabet on the way to school and she said ‘A, B, C, eleventeen…..’.  I had to laugh a little ya know?  Eleventeen.  Cracks my butt up.  So I had a conversation with her about how there isn’t a number called eleventeen and the real numbers are eleven and then twelve,  thirteen, fourteen, so on.  She just giggled at me.  Makes me wonder if she KNOWS the real deal and just likes to play that she doesn’t. 
This video was from last night - singing along with her alphabet magnets - hey she's at least trying! :O)

She likes to pick out her own clothes now and is obsessed with shorts.  Even on not so hot days.  But I’m letting her be independent and she wears what she picks.  I’ve been helping her with the matching too but for now she’s not too interested in that part!  WE have also gone over the names of the different bottoms she can choose from - shorts, capris, and pants.  And we even threw in my grandma's word - culottes!  She loves saying that one!
Potty training is still the same. She only goes on the potty when she wants too!  And she’ll adamantly say no if she doesn’t want to.  She’s little miss helper all the time.  Her new favorite thing is helping me make my coffee in the morning – she loves pushing the buttons and then saying ‘it’s done’ when it’s done.  She sometimes helps unload the dishwasher or dryer, pulls the garbage can in from trash day and anything else we may happen to be doing, she usually joins in.  It’s the little things! 
Oh, one little note about the new job – I find it utterly ridiculous that I have to rinse out my dishes in the bathroom sink!!  And what an incredible waste of water when the automatic toilet flushers I spoke of in a prior post flush THREE times while I’m in the stall.  THREE times really?  Sheesh you’d have thought I did some serious business in there every time or something!!  HAHAHA.   But the job is AWESOME!!  I’m learning so much and I’m really looking forward to all the new things coming in the future! Ok that was more than one little note - what can I say - I'm a rambler!
Happy Thursday - one more day until a 3 day weekend!!

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