Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Wonder of Spray Paint

So, totally not my idea.  In fact, I saw this on Pinterest and was intriqued, but also was too chicken to actually try it.  Then talking with my friend Anna, I found out she had tried and it IT WORKED!  Following in her lead, instead of spending tons of money to replace those hideous gold knobs on all the doors in the house, I picked out some bronze/brown spray paint and gave them new life.  It's amazing to me what a difference it makes.  I mean, DRASTIC difference.  I've never been a fan of gold for anything and when gold is all throughout your house it seems daunting to try and remove it.  Slowly but surely it's being removed from my house!  (and it's funny how you start noticing gold popping out in places you didn't know it was while in the middle of this project!) So thank you to Pinterest and espcially Miss Anna for giving me the courage to undertake the 'gold removal!'  :O)  (Check out Anna's gold removal at her house - she even did a ceiling fan!!)

Here's a before and after of the laundry room door.  Crazy right?  I mean really - why wouldn't you want the look on the right as opposed to the look on the left!?!?!    



  1. Looks AWESOME! It is perfect with your art hanging above it, gives it such a pop. So glad you took the plunge! :)

    And thanks for the shout out!!! :D

  2. It does make a huge difference. I like the after look for sure. Luckily my house came with all silver in it. If it hadn't I would def. had to of done this as well. Anna's house looks amazing too! So beautiful! I need to hire both of you to help me jazz mine up to actually look homey and inviting!