Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYC Weekend In Pictures.....

....and some words. :O)  I took a lot of pictures in NYC this past weekend and because I tend to ramble when I get going I figure I'll post the pics with captions - and try to keep them simple!! Some are instagram'ed of course but some are not.

{the entrance to Mel's apartment}

{walking in Mel's neighborhoods, Kew Gardens, NY}

{hard to tell, but the first day it was misty raining - and my shoes, cloth, and most of my lower pant legs were SOAKED AND i had to roll them up like old lady style}

{subway station closest to Mel - about a 15 minute walk, hence my drenched status in the above picture}

{Mel's Hello Kitty microwave & toaster - how adorable!}

{Bella Luna King}

{lots of fresh fruits & veggies within walking distance - i like that}

{3 drinks for 3 girls who turned 30}

{Momofuko Milk Bar for dessert - although we only had appetizers for dinner! - very good stuff, Rach had a 'cereal milk' milkshake = tasted just like milk from a bowl of cereal}

{menu at Momofuko}

{waiting at Momofuko - i gave in to my hair & up it went}

{walking to the subweezy}

{Brooklyn Bridge}


{up to the BB walkway}

{view of the city from the BB}

{freezin' but havin' fun on the BB}

{another view from the bridge}


{Brooklyn Bridge Park}

{another view}

{the park again}

{Rach was interviewed about 'hug man' on the BB - check out 'hug man' for yourself - kinda cool}

{the ceiling at John's Pizzeria in the Theater District}

{new york cheesecake}

{@ the MOMA - Vincent van Gogh Starry Night}

{Radio City Music Hall}

{Times Square Photo Op}

{big city life}


{this should be back with the BB pics - lunch at Brooklyn Mac - fancy mac 'n cheese}

{hello little bits of wonderful - Little Cupcake Bakery in SoHo}

{i tried the black & white cupcake & the lemon cupcake - both delish!}

{fancy water again in the city - @ BearBurger - all natural & vegetarian friendly}

{best friends since highschool}

{the one healthy meal of the weekend}

{brunch on Sunday before leaving - there was 3 of us but somehow we manged to end up with 8 plates & 8 misc glasses!}

{heading to LGA after a great weekend- best friend since college}

Wish I was back there.  Although I know I couldn't live there - i <3 to visit.  I had a great homecoming from Miss Buggy when I got to the airport which made having to leave friends I rarely get to see a lot easier.  She screamed 'MY MOMMY' so loudly as I walked out of the terminal & then couldn't stop talking about me going on an airplace! *love*

Here's to the next long weekend in NYC!!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast! So much fun. I love NYC, it is a great place to visit. :) I absolutely love the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge Park - you should frame it, it looks like art!