Monday, July 2, 2012

Pool Rats

Last summer and a few times this summer we were blessed by some wonderful friends who invited us to swim with them at their neighborhood pool.  We became even more blessed when they helped us to get our own membership at the same pool for this summer!  Buggy is certainly very ‘fish like’ in the pool and watching the bigger girls play has given her some added courage to try things she may be apprehensive of on her own.  I am very excited to have access to a pool for her.  She’s not afraid of the water and is learning to swim so quickly!  (and maybe, just maybe being out in the sun I’ll get a bit of color on me before the wedding in August – hey a girl can dream right?!)  So check out my little Buggy doing her thing in the pool!

{swimming by her 'big self' using water wings for the first time}

{although she didn't get the dinosaur in this video she did a few times - look at her dive right under! such a big girl}

Here's to being a pool rat for summers to come!  Thank you Goodman's! :O)

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