Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Rant & a Blog Share

i really am not a fan of people driving in cars who, while driving on a 2-lane road, choose to go straight through a light but choose to do so in the far right lane when first having to stop at a red light. therefore hindering me from turning right on red and making me sit through the endless red light watching no cars pass and seeing countless opportunities for me to turn right passing me by.   *sigh*  talk about frustrating.  makes me wanna scream!  (yes i have mild road rage - i admit - i choose to hash it here on the blog than on the road - smart of me eh?? :O]  )  

ok so now the real point of this post.  i found a new blog that i am totally smitten with and had to share!  it was actually a pinterest find someone had pinned about an 'exercise blog' and because the girl was so cute in her workout clothes in the pin, i clicked (i'm easily swayed to look if something is cute you know!)  But it's so much more than an exercise blog - she posts her daily workouts, what she's eating, where she's traveling to, what she's wearing and always includes some info about her adorable dog.   I LOVE IT! check her out over at Peanut Butter Fingers - i guarantee you will love everything about her adorable blog!! 

i'm still knee deep in poop - if it's not the bug it's the dog. yes - it's a stinky situation over here.  a stinky, stinky situation. can anyone share some ideas on how to get the bug to go #2 on the potty and NOT in her panties???  pretty please?  please.....anyone?!

{buggy 'diving' while watching the Olympics}

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