Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo Plop

Because I've been really.super.bad. about posting pictures lately.  There aren't a ton here but they'll give you a little overview of what's been up in Buggyland.  We are still spending a lot of time at the pool and in the water.  Since my last post Bug has gotten even better with her swimming.  She sometimes forgets to move both her arms and her legs at the same time, but she is fearless!  She's working on lots of things in school too.  She comes home counting, singing and saying her ABC's.  Also now she says she will do things "by her big self" all the time.  I'm always in awe of her forming personality and the things she comes up with. She's a teeny little girl with BIG attitude that is expressed every day. Never a dull moment.  Never a dull moment! 

{could there be a better picture than this? no.  there couldn't.  the cutest, most adorable, mini BFF's ever. there is not a thing you can do to prevent a huge smile at this one.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! having breakfast with friends at Cracker Barrel 2 weekends ago} 

{sweet, sweet faces}

{some Lilly time - we are anxiously awaiting her baby sister Ella's arrival!!}

{Patriotic Buggy cheering on the 5K runners before the parade}

{candy dash at the Kernersville 4th Parade}

{total pool rat & lovin' it}

{the most awesome photobomb picture EVER.  thank you to my awesomely creative, wild and bestest friend JT Goodman}

{4th of july sparklers - in jammies - and before dark - hey what can you do when you're only 2-1/2 and bedtime is before dark!?}

{Bug discovered the vent in her playroom and was enthralled with it last weekend.  I of course took her picture standing on it in her skirt so she had to take my picture too, luckily I was wear loose gaucho pants!}

{showing off her zebra suit from Soph - she loves it!}

{another swimsuit model shoot a few weekends back.  kid just cracks my butt up.}

{there's a ridiculous amount of cuteness going on right here}

{from this morning, i just can't resist her cootness!}

{getting this swimming thing down}

{attempting a dive like the big girls - sad thing is she's got it better than her mama - because i just simply put CANNOT dive!}

Happy Monday - looking for a fast week and a slow weekend!

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