Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Discoveries

This past weekend the Bug and I (along with Deondra, Sophia & Kaitlin) took a little adventure and went to a place we’d never been before – The Science Center & Animal Discovery Zoo in Greensboro.  What a cool, educational and fun place tucked away right in the middle of everything!  There were lots of hands on things to do – Buggy was especially fond of the snakes – Eek!, including weather education, fossils, rocks & gems, aquatics, dinosaurs, zoo animals & even a petting zoo with some more common animals – the favorite was the miniature horses by a landslide!   We had a great day!  I took an enormous amount of pictures so I just chose a few to show you how cool it is!  I made a few collages for instagram so just click on the link over there on the right and you can see some more there!  We also stopped for something yummy at Delicious Bakery beforehand.  Such cute little cakes and pretty yummy too!  

{cake and canoodling with books} 

{checking out the tiger but always ready to smile for the cam}

{posing with the t-rex}

{snuggling up with kaitlin at lunch}

{a fun day for the most part with lots of happiness....}

{...but we also has some moments like this, take the good with the bad}

{a 2 headed turtle - WHAT?!}

{hanging out in a tunnel - look closey - buggy is in there too!}

{no fear, loving the snakes}

{always ready to strike a pose}

{miniature horses - the hit of the day!}

{these guys were ready for the camera}

{what are YOU looking at?!}

{this guy thought i might taste good - silly dino!}

{buggy had to get 'eaten' by something too}

In potty training news – we have made progress!!   Last night Bug did #2 on the potty, FINALLY! Not finally that she went on the potty just finally that she pooped.  She knows not to go in her panties now but I think is still a bit unsure about going on the potty so for the last few days she has just been holding it in.  And we all know how NOT COOL that can be.  So any progress in that direction is a HUGE sigh of relief.  As far as the peeing on the potty she is good.  No accidents in that area in 3 weeks and most nights she wakes up dry – only occasionally is she wet and even when she is it’s not very much.  So HALLELUJIEH!  I keep telling her if she wants to join a dance class she has to go potty on the potty like a big girl all the time.  So now every time she goes she asks, ‘can I go to the dance class now?’  Looks like I’m gonna have a little dancer on my hands in a few weeks!

{yes she's at it again - not great quality but you can see she's doing her fav thing}

In other news I think I may have become addicted to smoothies.  I wanted to try to find a good, healthy breakfast alternative to the scrambled eggs I have been making every.single.morning.  I’ve made some pretty darn good ones in the last few days but my fav by far is the one I made this morning.  Since I’ve been doing the smoothies, I have been forgoing my morning cup of coffee.  Not a huge deal but I do miss the boost of caffeine that it gives me.  This morning I incorporated that coffee into my smoothie and it was DEEEELISH.  Coffee (I brewed it last night to use this morning), a splash of almond milk, a frozen banana, 1 scoop of protein powder, a handful of spinach and a bit of ice.  YUMO.    Very frothy and smooth and similar to something from McD’s – only NONE of the bad crap!  I love it.  I will definitely be experimenting with some more recipes – both with and without coffee!

 {hello yumminess}

{just my new favorite pic of the Bug!}

{and a quick monday morning shot posing in her dress from 'aunt melly'- if only she'd let me do her hair before school!}

Now for some Buggyisms:

-while eating M&M's in the car on the way home from school:  "mommy, stop the car, stop the car, I can't read my letter."  Once I realized what she meant (the M on the candy) I said "what is that letter?" and she said "E."  And really is she wrong?  I mean turn it on it's side!

-when I try to get her out of bed in the morning: "nooooooooooooooooo, i just wanna sleep, go out of here" - poor baby, I know how you feel.

-when I pick her up from school: "mommy i didn't cry today" or "mommy i cried for you today."  So cute that she's basically telling on herself.

-while in the car with the radio on if a song comes on with a girl singing: "daddy you can't sing, this is for girls" and if a song comes on with a guy singing "mommy we can't sing, this is for boys."

A close friend sent me this quote today and I like it a lot and wanted to share – hey maybe I’ll start including some more of these in my posts!

“Dear Tomorrow, do whatever you want to do.  I have already lived my today and I am not afraid of you anymore.”

Have a great Wednesday y’all!!

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  1. I love this post! So much fun stuff. I have been wanting to take Eden to the science center for a while, now I know she would like it! Your smoothie looks great, I have been wanting to get into some of those myself.

    I love all of the pics and adorable quotes from Emma - she is absolutely adorable! Just like her momma. :)