Friday, August 10, 2012

Back Among the Land of the Living

I feel like I have been out of commission for months – but really it’s been only 4 days. The Bug got a fever last Sunday afternoon which kept us at home for a few days.  Then Tuesday afternoon after waking from a glorious nap, I could barely swallow my throat hurt so bad and was chilled to the bone with a fever of almost 102.  Awesome.  So aside from taking Bug to the doc Monday morning for a potty related rash (seemingly unrelated to the fever) I hadn’t left the house until this morning.  So it’s nice to be back among the world of the living.  I feel like I lost a few days in a haze of medicine, lots of uncontrollable sleep, and numerous reruns of Teen Mom 2.  Yep it was a rough few days.  Prior to what I’m guessing is the flu took over my life some fun things happened.  We had an impromptu park play date with Lilly and sweet baby Ella at Triad Park and hit the pool where Buggy finally ran from the start of the diving board to the end and jumped off all on her own.    We spent most of Monday snuggled up but Tuesday morning prior to my ‘I’m gonna catch the crud during this nap’ nap, Buggy and I enjoyed making some craft bugs (Thank you Kyle and Jess back before Bryson and Harper were even born for sending this wonderful craft for Buggy – she thoroughly enjoyed it once I finally let her play with it!) and of course she posed for a few pictures for me since she was feeling better – her usual M.O.  Check out some pics and vids from the last week or so.

{betcha didn't know i had a monkey at my house?!}

{emma and lilly saturday morning fun at triad park}

{sunday - the beginning of the sickness - if we are at the pool and bug doesn't want to be in the water there IS a problem}

{monday after the doctor.  poor. pitiful. bug}

{later monday afternoon, feeling better, at least enough to smile.  oh and isn't little gixxy cute all cuddled up behind her?  ah the life of a dog!}

{tuesday morning, time for a craft}

{so intense on her work}

{our finished bugs - super cute!}
{wouldn't be bug without some poses}

{running and jumping off the dive all by her 'big self' for the first time}

{this just cracks my butt up - she gets her moves from her mama, obviousy! ha}

{being sweet to her baby, melts my heart}

So over the last few days I’ve noticed a few things that stuck out to me, no didn’t stick out, more like irritated the heck outta me and I feel I need to vent.  If you’d rather not listen to my rant you can stop reading now – but if you’d like to know keep on reading………

First, while tending to a sick Buggy and trying to get said Bug to sleep and also while tending to a sick Mama and trying myself to sleep as much as possible, I noticed there is a BLAZING BLUE LIGHT that is on when the Direct TV box is OFF.  Can someone please explain to me why this would be the case? Because when I turn the Direct TV box on that light is OFF.  Seriously?  Who in their right mind invented something so ridiculous?  Have the light on while the box is off and have it off when the box is on?!  In other words let’s have a BAZING BLUE LIGHT shining through the peaceful darkness that we’ll call sleep while most people have their tv OFF to enjoy the darkness that comes from it being off!!!!  Come on people, really?

Now part of my sickness was (and still is, sadly) an agonizing sore throat.  I had some of that throat spray stuff, I’m not sure the brand or what it’s really called (and in my house I’m sure it’s a generic anyways) but I’m guessing you all know what I’m talking about.  The stuff you spray 1-2 sprays into the back of your throat to help ‘numb’ the irritation of a sore throat? My question is this – why do they not make that sprayer thing long enough so it actually reaches to your throat?  I’ve tried many attempts to get it to my throat including turning sideways, upside down, twisting in all kinds of crazy ways and inevitably I end up with the spray on my tongue.  So now I have a semi-numb tongue which does me absolutely no good for my sore throat. 

My third quandary is basically just a fact pointer-outer.  A few weeks ago when I was in Ohio for my sister’s bachelorette party I stopped at McD’s on the way back to NC (yea I had to do it, it was a rough night!) and paid $4 and some change for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel.  This morning I stopped on my way to work for the same bagel (again, a rough couple of days and this girl just needed some FOOD!) and paid $2 and some change.  I found it interesting that the same item at the same restaurant but in different states varied so much in cost.  I guess just a realization of the differences in cost of living. 

Annnnnd, last but certainly not least.  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Oak Hollow Mall in High Point but every time I go into that area (which isn’t too often) I am amazed at how people have no clue how to drive the traffic pattern in there.  When you come into the mall area you enter a circle that goes around the mall.  Traffic entering from the street keeps going and does not have a stop sign, while the people driving around the loop stop where there is traffic entering from the road.  Today I went to Barnes & Noble on my lunch break which is in that mall area, and as I turn in from the road I am not surprised to see a car sitting in the middle of the intersection, just hanging out, making no efforts to move and since people already don’t know how to drive in there, causing a whole lot of annoyances.  Do I stop? Do I go? How did I get a license in the first place?  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  And I am not surprised to see the man behind the wheel was elderly.  I have the utmost respect for my elders, and always have.  I also have respect for my safety, the safety of my family and all the others on the road.  Which is why I am a firm believer that there should be periodic ages where you need to re-test for your license.  When you renew it you ACTUALLY renew it.  We wouldn’t put a 10 year old behind the wheel when he can barely see over the steering wheel or reach the pedals so why would we put an 80 year old behind the wheel with the same problems?  No discrimination here in any way – it’s just a good idea to have to re-test every so often.  (and I’m not saying I couldn’t benefit from a re-test here or there either!)

I’ve been somewhat blog-slack this last week, writing and reading, so I’m doing my best to catch up.  I love all my girls who graciously share their lives through their blogs and I love ‘meeting’ new people through the new blogs I find and learning new things through different eyes.  I just realized how much i wrote for this post - see what happens when I'm cut off from the world for a week and can't talk for most of that time!?!  :O)

Have a wonderful weekend!           

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  1. I'm so sorry you guys have been sick! Glad it seems to be moving on. Love all the shots and videos of Emma - she is so adorable! And kuddos to her for being such a big girl jumping in the pool like that! Eden wouldn't do that for anything, haha.

    And I hate to say it, but I was totally laughing out loud picturing you trying to get the throat numbing stuff to actually hit your throat - I have the same issue and hate when it hits my tongue! But at least we aren't alone. :)